Buying gifts is a headache for some of us. When we look at what we have at home, we can always find something that doesn't fit our taste and decor, which was from an Aunt or a friend who meant well. These gifts always find their way into the storeroom or a charity shop.

We also thought that the best gifts are contributions to a dinner party or whatever sort of event you might be invited to. However, there will be occasions when it is inappropriate to bring gifts. We suggest presenting a potted plant as a token of thanks.

Many of you might see a potted plant as rather dull and somewhat lacking in being a token. Well, we are not suggesting just any plant you buy from a florist or gardener! We are talking about recycling plants, miniature landscapes, terrariums, useful herb gardens, plant graftings...etc.

Plants have the unique ability to make a home more like a home and and office less like an office. Send a green plant or colorful blooming plant today to liven up someone's surroundings. Plants also clean the air from dust and toxic impurity, making it fresh, and disinfect it by means of phytoncides (volatile antibacterial matter) which they emit. Plants have a fabulous effect on creating positive emotions for us too. The green in plants increases muscle efficiency in our eyes for a long time and prevents hypertension. If you were given a fruit-bearing tree or a herb garden, you will yield more wonderful results.

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