Everytime we show someone Star Guitar's music video, the brilliance of Michel Gondry makes us almost teary. Ok, we tear when we are alone. What a superbly simple concept but so beautiful. Yes, we are geeks!!! The beauty of noticing the simplest of things and details. Mind you, not a lot of people understood why this is our favourite music video. CLUE: The details on the journey corresponds to the rhythm.

NOTE TO SELF: There are not a lot of of people like us that is why it made us cry.


Whoever makes all these videos have a pretty enjoyable time making them. What a job it is.


It is true, even if it is a bad idea, you should get it out. Even if you get it out 3 times and it doesn't work, you'd still have 3 times the experience to get it right.


We are now facing a friend who has a serious case of INERTIA. It drives us insane. We understand that sometimes people need to take some time off to not do anything, to start to refocus, to heal. But how long is exactly long enough?

She is facing the biggest case of inertia. He is obviously not the right person, he is oblivious to her needs. Yet she faces this hard truth as oblivious as he is towards her. Yes, people say you'd have to love yourself before someone can love you. And yes, you need time to get around and over some hard truths. But is a few weeks enough? Or months? Or years? She has subjected herself to this crazy relationship for more than 2 years now. Is it love? We doubt it. It has reached a point of total meltdown for herself and the friends around her.

Being depressed is one thing, but talking about your healing plans and not going ahead with them and instead, wallow in self-pity is unacceptable. She walked away in the middle of dinner last night because one of our friends said something too truthful about her inertia. It really is a drag for friends and even more frustrating when conversations are stifled, ideas hindered and weekends ruined by this wallowing self-pity.

We don't know. We are not experts ourselves. We have been through our fair share of self-pity and heartbreaks. Though, we have always tried to channel that excess energy into something more useful. Whether it is hanging out with friends and actually not wallowing in self-pity, or power window shopping (yes, this is hard for anyone to understand. We simply take long walks down shopping streets to absorb those new creative window displays), or enjoying our wines with friends, or blogging, or crafting, or painting, or focusing on our careers...etc.

In no time you will forget that you had even felt the hurt, and what is more rewarding, is that present you have worked hard for yourself.



We have been suffering from a sore throat when we were in KL last week. The air is still bad in KL and we were told that it is annual event. With the lack of trees and with KL being a valley, it is no wonder the bad air stays put and it difficult to be renewed. And of course, the peat fire is relentless, we could still see it from the plane takeoff.

Our throats continued to worsen until we finally lost our voices come the new week. We were using Kamillosan, a throat spray for disinfectn, but we eventually exhausted that half of bottle left of good old essential oil spray. 

This is what it consists of just in case you are wondering what makes it so 'essential'. 

Chamomile, Pepermint, Sage, oil, Anise, Pine Needle Oil, Bergamot Oil, Eucalyptol, Methyl Salicylate.

On the basis of essential oils and active substances of the Chamomile for acute and chronic diseases of the buccal, pharyngeal cavities.

Indications :
  • inflammatory affections of the buccal and pharyngeal cavity
  • parodontosis, acute gingivitis
  • pain after tooth extraction and during second detition
  • mucosal irritation cause by dental plates
  • tonsillary angina
  • canker sores
  • bad breath 

Directions :
Apply the sprayer 3 times daily to the affected region of the buccal and pharyngeal cavity. Two shots applied with the spraying head correspond head correspond to a fully effective single dose. It is recommended to use the sprayer after meals.

Ok, and then what? It is finished and we actually are not even sure if we could get Kamillosan in Singapore. We bought it in Bangkok a while back. One might say, hey why not just go to the doc? We could, but we are simply too busy. We could, but we are also reluctant to drown ourselves with those syrups which make us drowsy. It is just not a good high!

So, we thought to ourselves and thought we try to self-medicate with our stash of herbal stuff. We have lavender, chamomile and rooibos tea. It seems that chamomile is certainly something to consider, considering it is one of the main herb in Kamillosan. We have always thought of chamomile tea as a relaxing tea and especially one to aid insomnia. Little did we know that there is much more to chamomile than we had initially known.

Chamomile tea is known to have healing properties and for many centuries it has been used as an elixir to cure a number of ailments, such as insomnia, back pain and anxiety. It's most common use, however, is as a muscle relaxer. A chamomile tea remedy relieves body pain, such as from menstrual cramps, and alleviates inflammation. A 2003 study published in the "Journal of Herbal Pharmacotherapy" discovered that chamomile tea was effective for reducing cough frequency and cough intensity in asthmatic patients. Consult your medical advisor before using herbal remedies to treat a condition in order to prevent an allergic reaction. If pregnant, avoid taking chamomile tea.
This was extracted from

Naturally chamomile tea is not caffeinated, one of the reasons that it is so calming, but chamomile itself is a mild muscle relaxant, that can help relieve stress, anxiety and even depression. In addition to being calming though, chamomile tea offers health benefits for helping cure a cough as severe as bronchitis, a fever or inflammation of the skin. One study even suggest that chamomile may act as both an antimicrobial and an antioxidant. In the study for two weeks fourteen healthy people were observed, these volunteers drank five cups of chamomile tea every single day of the two week study. At the in of the two weeks researchers found that by drinking the chamomile tea the volunteer had produced an increase in hippurate, a substance that is associated with increased antibacterial activity and helps fight off common colds.
This was extracted from



Saw this on Pinterest. So cool and so easy. A few rubber bands around the front of a notebook and you have everything you need all in one spot.


How picture works amaze us. Here is a little something for you to enjoy. We woke up today feeling energised and ready to battle the world. More often than not we wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Ha! Yes, we know, that is very typical of us. We also know we have not been good in blogging our regular Fidgety stuff of late. That will come more frequently now. No more excuses for life.

How about you? What is your motto today?


We have been finding a lot of roadkill rugs online recently. Cute not? We quite like it. They are absolutely hilarious and such fun talk pieces. What say you?

This is our favourite by far.


We flew to Malaysia for the week and was shocked by the escalation of the haze condition. The above is the atmosphere from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. It is bright and blue, and very pleasant. We know that it is slightly hazy in KL but little did we know it was going to escalate.

This was taken from Marini Bar at KLCC.

The awesome view at Marini Bar. We could see the hazy condition across the city. The horizon with the mountains beyond is blurred.

Cityscape from Marini after sundown. It looked worse without the sunlight.
As the haze condition worsened over the next few days, these are pictures we received from friends living in the state.

This was taken at the coast.

This was taken from our office in the middle of the week.

From a friend who was at the coast looking at a site for filming. Could not see a thing. 
This was forwarded to us from a friend who received this from her friend driving in KL.

A view from the Impiana in KL.
Thank goodness we were due to fly back to Singapore in the weekend. This is the aerial view of the state of KL. There were many plots of land smoking from the ground. We never know about peat fire until this week.
Here is a little about Peat Fire from

Peat has been used as fuel for centuries – its high carbon content had made it useful for cooking and heating since primitive times. Peat builds up as organic material such as leaves, grasses, fallen trees, and root systems build up over decades or centuries. When ignited, often by wildfire or lightning strike, it smolders and can burn undetected for months or years – even centuries. Peat fires spread by creeping through the underground layer, called “duff”. Peat fires are a glowing global threat with serious economic and ecological impacts.

Peat fires usually burn a smaller area than fast-moving forest fires, but they can burn up to 10 times more fuel mass per acre, producing far more smoke.
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