Meridian Travelindo seems to be the thing to go for because it is the cheapest of the lot. Let's put it this way. Yes, it was the choice for me. And probably the only sensible choice for me since I was travelling alone. But being Asian, I like to plan before hand. They charge by the car, not by per head. But to be honest, they didn't  tour guide much, just drive around. So if you are looking for some commentary, forget it. So, every time I try to book with Meridian, I always email or whatsapp at least a week in advance. I only managed to get them to pick me up the day before.

My guide, Haris was very good. But I did wish I had a discussion with him before we went ahead with the tour as he had only suggested as the end of the tour. It seems Taufik the owner was selling something pretty fixed.

Haris ended the tour by saying I could possibly book a Friday tour with Taufik to see Kawa Putih as what Haris had suggested. I have what sapped and also emailed Taufik on several occasions but to no avail. It was a Hi, and then no more. I don't get it.

I cannot recommend this tour group become you will not get very prompt replies although it might be the most price competitive. So, no. In the end, I ended up having a massage and then sleeping which is not a bad alternative to the Kawa. But, it would have been lovely to see the Kawa. In short, my trip could have been much awesome if they had replied. Of course, I could have gone with another tour company too but the thing was, either or, sleep. Went through enough trouble contacting these dudes whilst I was relaxing.


One can appreciate spaghetti with tomato sauce. But it takes another to appreciate that it is handmade spaghetti with fresh tomatoes and not dried spag with canned sauce.


So this is the long awaited holiday. We are so exhausted we are in need of a break. It is hari raya next week and so that beckons a long week of holiday. It has become so increasing difficult to take leave with our workload and responsibilities. A short working week always seem like the most possible time to be away. This is our regular gear for flights. Jeans because it keeps us warm and comfy jelly shoes, just like flip flops.

Yup and we are traveling light too. Very light for a week in the city of angels. Why do you need more stuff when you can buy them for a fraction of the price back home?

Our favorite airline in our home country. We are not flying Singapore Airlines though.

Here comes our plane. We are trying Scoot for the first time.


Introducing Doug the Pug. The spiritual pug, the soul dog of our friend, Brad. We do not know him personally but he is the pug that our beloved friend dog sits in London. This dog is closer to him than he is to his owner!!!

And so Brad the dogsitter said that he is so proud Doug managed to pee like a HE. This is what happens when his owner is female. We guess the aura is simply not there. Doug needs a dad.
Doug wouldn't leave Brad alone.

Nope, no alone time for Brad. Brad was at Claire's place to visit Doug for the weekend. The couch was Brad's bed and look at this little bugger. There was no way we was going to leave Bradders alone.

And he slept next to Brad the whole time.


Chanced upon this last night and it is simply TOOOOOOO FUNNNNNNY!!!!!
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