It is affordable. The manager is Italian. So, being a foreigner turned local here in Krabi, he is able to tell you what is worth visiting. A local might overlook some of the attractions that they take for granted. The manager also is a good person to suggest where to go, when and what. All the little tips made a lot of difference, like going to Phranang beach early in the morning, being one of the first few to arrive. That feeling is very different indeed. Well done!

The TV with English channels. The fridge in the room which helped a lot. They have very affordable tours which are competitive with the other tour groups.


Not very much as I have done a bit of research before arriving. This is a guesthouse and not a hotel, so one's expectation still need to be reasonable. Although their attentiveness and friendliness is very hotel-like, one still need to remember it is a guesthouse and lots of pluses are not available.

Toiletries could be replenished. They were not but I brought my own so it was ok. The room was set up a bit weird. The towel rack is above the toiletries rack? Also there are no chairs on the balcony.

I would have booked all my tours with the guesthouse if the manager had replied to my emails before my arrival. But there was no replies. The wifi comes in and out.

The breakfast area on the outside. Breakie is not included but you can pay something like 175 Baht plus or minus for a western breakfast buffet.

The balcony without chairs. But at least it faces the cliffs. Some of the other rooms face the street. I am a light sleeper so this is awesome. Waking up to the sight of the cliffs was so Krabi! 
Didn't manage to take a picture before I spewed out my stuff. As most guesthouses are, there are some very weird pictures. The shelving above the bed was just weird. What would I or anyone put there?


Hoorah! We are due for a beach trip soon. We bought a dry tube bag some time back but have not had the chance to try it out yet. Honestly, a 100% waterproof bag should cost a lot. It is for capsized boats and all. We bought one at Koh Samui and we are pretty sure it is an imitation. I am just wondering how willing am I to try it out when I get to the sea.


So I was talking to Mick about people in my life who are not really helping. Not that they see things for the worse, but they just don't see. I feel stuck, like a big fish in a pond. And then amongst the many quotes Mick sent came the above. ONLY DEAD FISH GO WITH THE FLOW.

Of course I want to go far. But the question that life poses is this... How can you go far when some of the people in your life are like dead fishes going in the opposite direction. Do you then follow them? I feel I am the salmon swimming against the current. It is not fast but it is challenging. And no one wants to swim upstream with me because it is either too difficult or they are the dead fish going with the flow. Which sort of fish are you?


My friend Mick sent this quote to me today and it reminded me of the time when I have just tendered my resignation. It was a no brainer for me to leave that company, even without a plan. I guess I am a righteous person and if there is a injustice I will not hesitate to get out of the situation. 

I vowed to be professional after my resignation. There was after all some notice period I had to serve. I was not angry, nor upset. It was my decision so I was woman about it. What made me upset was the shenanigans that came after it. The heir of this business was fuming and he couldn't understand why I would leave such a 'wonderful' company and that it was a once a lifetime opportunity that someone wanted to 'sponsor me to do good work'. I threw up in my mouth when I heard that. 

It was almost laughable and still is. Sponsoring me to do good work? I don't get the inheritance. I think the priorities were definitely unbalanced. 

Anyway the cut the long story short, after a few weeks of begging, I was simply not budging. I was not going to stay and help a rich brat earn his inheritance when he has no sense of aesthetics and standards. He wrote nasty emails to me, he hung up on me, he denied situations and he went back on his words. That was just petulant behaviour. I let him be but continued to hold my ground and answered his calls and talked professionally. I was polite, I just continued the conversations as if nothing happened. Emotions aside, it was mere weeks before I did not need to speak to this person ever again.

He continued to try to talk me into helping the company in different ways after my resignation. Perhaps freelance, he said. I told him I will never freelance for him, a company without standards. I would have better things to occupy my time with and if I had to starve, so be it. He then naively asked me why I was still talking to him nicely. And because I was still talking to him nicely, he thought he had a chance to persuade me back. That remark threw me back a little. I was not surprised but I was amazed at how childish he actually is. To add to the disgust, he hung up.

And that quote above, the quote from Mick, made me think about that resignation situation. Just how many different types of people are out there, and how a heir to a global setup and a father of 2 behaved in such an unbecoming manner. 


What an amazing year! And it is coming to a close. I am excited about what more is to come in the future but I also have to work hard to achieve the things I truly want to happen. As much as I believe in the cosmics and enjoy reading Susan Miller's monthly predictions, life doesn't just fall on your lap. There are many valuable lessons I have learnt this year. And since October, a lot of things have become more apparent to me.

Last year, a cosmic teller told me that October 2014 will be the moment of turn for me. I will be entering what is a supernova decade. I conjured up the term 'supernova decade'. But he said so many things that is impossible to spell everything out in this post. 

The biggest thing that clicked in me was the fact that my job didn't work out for me. When I went to the cosmic teller last year, I thought this supernova decade would be with the company; since I switched my job and somewhat career at that point of time, and it seemed then plausible that I would stay with them for a long time to come. 

Come this year, I realised a lot of differences between the company and myself. I have such high standards that all of a sudden my helping the guy to earn his inheritance, became self-inflicted exhaustion and stress. I find that extremely laughable and pathetic coming from an ungrateful who is running a creative business. As Tony Robbins reiterated, what defines us is all about our standards. Some people do not mind being mediocre, some people want to be more, some people just want global fame... for mediocrity? How can one up his game when he doesn't believe in standards? 

I have a good friend. Which, sigh, to the biggest regret or not, I am at this point in my life where I am wondering what actually defines a 'good friend'. She hangs out with me, we go walk around town together...etc. But honestly, I do not think I have really stopped to think what defines 'good'. Come to think of it, she wasn't really there when I truly needed her. So, is company in your good state enough when that person isn't there when you are depressed. I think we all know the answer. She wasn't all MIA, but let me just say she was not extremely trustworthy. She just disappeared when things are hard.

In the turn of the decade, I have been ruthless to let go of friends. I cannot say that this is an easy thing to do, nor is it the right thing to do. But let me put it this way, would you keep someone who thinks he owns you as a friend? Or would you keep someone who talks bad behind you? Or would you keep someone who thinks she has the liberty to meddle in your personal business? Or would you keep someone who cannot be open and accept when you are honest to them about what you don't like about them? Not asking them to change, you should never ask a friend to change, nor a partner, nor a family member. But is it too much to ask that person to inform you that her husband would be joining later? I see it as pretty rude and intrusive for a husband to turn up at a girls' day out.

Anyway, those are just some examples. I often ask myself if I was too ruthless. But then again, how would I be if they are still in my life? For the gay friend who thought he owns me; I would have to include him in all my activities, I cannot be alone with a friend because I want to catch up. For the person who spoke bad behind me, why does she want to be my friend anyhow?

After many baffling questions and ponderous nights, I think the answer, or at least my answer to myself is very obvious. Life is short. And if there is such a thing as a bucket list for those crazy bungee  jumps and places to visit, why isn't there a bucket list of people in your life? Do we need a few hundred Facebook friends whom we don't even know that well? Or just 7 according to Karl Pilkington who thinks that we should all follow the model of Snow White and the 7 Dwarves. He reckons you do not need that many, 7 is just enough. Not 8, he says. I guess that goes beyond the magic number.

And then there is this. I have a friend who sits on her ass and says she loves traveling. It gets on my nerve so much. This is, to Tony Robbins' point again, this is a wish, not a resolution. You are not doing it, you are just asking it.

In the span of this year, I have visited Hokkaido, Langkawi, Kuala Lumpur, Yogyakarta, Siem Reap, Bandung...and I have 2 more travels coming up. I am not bragging, but I have made it a point this year that I will not sit on my ass. I am not the sort of person who says things and not fulfill them. A lot of people who know me will tell you that I am a woman of my words. I made a conscious effort this year to travel by myself without having to wait for people's schedules, or to wait for them to stop wishing and start resolving.

It kills me for someone to say something and then it doesn't materialise. Again, life is short and there is all these YOLO (you only live once) and WOLO (we only live once). So what is happening? There are always excuses. Oh yes, I have to do this and that, oh yes, I was busy. In reality and all truth about psychology, you will get it done if you really want something bad enough. So if you don't want it that much, stop wishing. Perhaps wish it once since you know you will not resolve it, then forget it.

We all grow and develop at different rates. Sometimes some people do it at the same rate if they try hard enough to sync. These are mostly successful couples or business partners or I don't know, people who really want one another in their lives.

I have a friend who is stagnating herself and she doesn't realise it. I doubt she will even read this post because she just doesn't do a lot. She is addicted to her phone and she doesn't admit it. Anyway, if you are reading this, hi! And you know this is nothing about ranting behind your back because I have told you about this many times. It has gotten to a stage of being very exhausted as a friend.

As a good friend, you'd try to help. Trust me, I have, so many times, beyond what is needed.

She doesn't read the news. I tell her the latest and encourage her to even just read headlines and subheadlines. She is socially inept. I remind her to put her phone, her addiction aside when we are out with people. She is cheapskate. I try to find good deals so that we can enjoy good food too. She is too cheapskate. I try to educate her on the importance of travel insurance when she thinks she will not die so easily. She is dependent. I organised everything for her when we go out but I have recently included details like timings and addresses in calendar invites for her, but she doesn't accept them. She wants to switch careers. I encourage her to brand herself and it came up to all sort of excuses. She is unassertive and longwinded. I was patient enough to sit listening to her repeating herself and pushing decisions to me when I only asked for a place to have dinner. Oh, that went on for 15 minutes, the pushing of decision-making. She is everything above. I found a free life coaching seminar for her only for her to find excuses saying she cannot afford 2 hours that evening to attend.

So, how much can a friend try to help? 

I feel I am on a roller coaster. But she is that stagnant pond with mossies trying to suck me dry. Do I leave, do I continue walking faster and leave her behind? She doesn't want the help. She doesn't see that she needs it. Is it time to be ruthless?


I have the habit of crocheting. It is calming for me and it is a form of meditation in my opinion. I like to crochet useful things whilst watching videos or traveling on the bus or on the plane. Instead of Candy Crushing or some senseless social networking that does not lead to anything productive, how about let us make something. Whether it is a small coaster from leftover yarn, or a pouch, or a scarf, they make useful gifts for friends and family with free time to readily available in your hands!

Why buy something from the stores? Why pay more and benefit commercialism? Why not learn something new, a useful hobby? Why not actually produce something with your hands? This month I made a conscious effort to learn how to read crochet patterns. I already know how to read simple patterns, but I want something more. I found an intermediate vintage pouch pattern and off I went.

It was not easy. Reading patterns take some effort and trial and error to get right. But after a few tries, I was off with my fidgety fingers. A 50g of yarn makes about 3 pouches and that makes a nice little gift for friends this season. At the end of watching my series and movies, VOILA! I made a gift. How fab is that? What are you making this season? Make a point to make something with your hands. And the more useful it is, the better. Your friends and family would actually use it. 

Gandhi used to spin wool to support India making their own clothes. And I hope to make a positive change in my life and the people around me, one stitch at a time, one pouch at a time.

About 1920, Gandhi began his program of hand-spinning wool into yarn and weaving the yarn into cloth. He had three principal reasons for doing this: (1) to aid economic freedom by making India self-sufficient in cloth; (2) to promote social freedom through the dignity of labor; and, (3) to advance political freedom by challenging the British textile industry and preparing Indians for self-government. He also began espousing his desires for a united and independent India, a revival of cottage industries, and the abolition of untouchability. Over a period of about ten years, he built the Indian National Congress into a major political and social force in India, and used that force to bring increasing international pressure upon Great Britain to grant independence to India.


Honestly, nothing beats Singapore in being green. I am very sure it isn't the greenest country in the world as yet but it sure is trying it's very best being as you g as forty something in age. I am at the polyclinic today for a dental appointment and just look at this beautiful rooftop garden landscape. 

What a wonderful use of space. The dental clinic is on the third floor and it overlooks the rooftop. I am a firm believer of anything should be green and plants and my country obviously thinks the same. 

Also, this proves it is awesome to be a citizen. I wonder what it costs to be a foreigner going to a private dentist. I don't think I have ever seen them charging a non-citizen more. Let's see how much my bill comes up to later. My usual cleaning and polishing at the private dentist usually comes up to somewhere around sgd70.


I was backing up photos from the phone and stumbled upon this old image. I cannot remember where I got this from. Either I found it on the www or a friend forwarded it. Nonetheless, I cannot agree more. And it is especially so for family and relative s and extremely unappreciative people. Especially them.


I was clearing photos from my phone and stumbled upon these old 'words of wisdom'.


A lot of people think Singlish is poor taste. But how can that be when it is a nation's heritage and when a couple of words can mean so much more.


We have been most anonymous on this blog. We. Me. I have been using the royal We. Some people ask why. I started this blog years ago because I thought it was too mundane, simply just going to work. I didn't have anything else. No aim, nothing. It was a young thing, being aimless. It was that time in my twenties that all you really know is to work. Whatever else happens, will happen and life should roll itself out. Yes, it seems to work that way. Time is key in knowing what oneself wants to do. Anyway, the blog was born as a hobby.

This blog was something very different years ago. It was supposed to be an archive of sustainable ideas. Which, it still is. It is just more of an archive of my thoughts now. It was increasingly difficult to maintain the blog to be a craft, diy, knowledge based avenue on top of my busy job. The royal We was meant to be an entity. I thought that FF (Fidgety Fingers) would perhaps one day be a company, selling products or be an entity to teach about sustainability. But life happened so FF remained as a dream.

Ask me now, and I will tell you I don't see FF going down the craft route. In my journey through life, I have realised sustainability doesn't related only to recycling and upcycling...etc. Anyway, that is another matter.

I am not exactly on Facebook. I have accounts on Facebook, Twitter and what not, but they are not active. I never update it nor do I have any interest to friending people on those social media. I am a very private person and if you want to know anything about me, just ask. In this recent years, I have learnt to realise that people are nosy, they will always search for someone on the internet, or sneak into a Facebook profile and see what that person is up to. But the truth is, if someone is laughing about your breakup or any of your blunders, they would perhaps gloat for a minute or two and then reality slips in... they still have to live their lives and chances are, they will make their own blunders. So haha to them too. The bottom line is to be responsible to yourself, be true in your decisions and actions. No one cares what you ate, what you bought, where you went, if you got a new haircut or a new dress, a new scar...etc. Because in the end, they still have to live their own lives, they still need to go out there to get that scar or haircut or dress and not see that someone has done it.

So here it is. This is the face of Fidgety Fingers.


We are migrating from Mac to Mac and it is that time of the year to back things up. This is a very significant period of our lives. We have just quit our jobs. It was not an easy decision but a very good one nonetheless. We have managed to spot the unappreciative employer and gotten out early. Yikes. Writing about it still pisses us so much.

Anyway, 8000 over photos later, we really need to back up all these memories. How does one take so many photographs in over a year? What a shocker. Imagine if we were back in the times when  we had to process and develop our film, how much would that have cost us? All of us were probably so much more careful with taking photographs, possibly more selective with the type of memories we want to keep. And then now, in this crazy era, it is like an impromptu manner of keeping everything. We wonder how much we see with our own eyes really. It seems everything is through the smart phone these days. Isn't it strange that about one and a half decades ago,  The Matrix warned us about machines taking over our lives. So, are our smart phones seeing more than we are.

It is proving to be a chore to back up our photographs from the phone. It seems that there are a few images or videos that are corrupted or 'in an unrecognizable format' as the very clever phone says. So we are unable to import all our photographs. We are doing it manually just so that we can spot the corrupted files.

Now that we are importing our photos, looking at some of these are rather alien to us. How many of these did we really experience in real life? Or, did we actually lose out on life that these smart phones are now seeing more than us?


We recently returned from Siem Reap. What a weird and amazing place at the same time. Weird because Angkor Wat was built just because of one single egotistic man. Weird because it is such a bubble that it is that much more expensive than the neighbouring developing countries. Anyway more on that later. Food, yes, this is the way we should be thinking about our food.


Meridian Travelindo seems to be the thing to go for because it is the cheapest of the lot. Let's put it this way. Yes, it was the choice for me. And probably the only sensible choice for me since I was travelling alone. But being Asian, I like to plan before hand. They charge by the car, not by per head. But to be honest, they didn't  tour guide much, just drive around. So if you are looking for some commentary, forget it. So, every time I try to book with Meridian, I always email or whatsapp at least a week in advance. I only managed to get them to pick me up the day before.

My guide, Haris was very good. But I did wish I had a discussion with him before we went ahead with the tour as he had only suggested as the end of the tour. It seems Taufik the owner was selling something pretty fixed.

Haris ended the tour by saying I could possibly book a Friday tour with Taufik to see Kawa Putih as what Haris had suggested. I have what sapped and also emailed Taufik on several occasions but to no avail. It was a Hi, and then no more. I don't get it.

I cannot recommend this tour group become you will not get very prompt replies although it might be the most price competitive. So, no. In the end, I ended up having a massage and then sleeping which is not a bad alternative to the Kawa. But, it would have been lovely to see the Kawa. In short, my trip could have been much awesome if they had replied. Of course, I could have gone with another tour company too but the thing was, either or, sleep. Went through enough trouble contacting these dudes whilst I was relaxing.


One can appreciate spaghetti with tomato sauce. But it takes another to appreciate that it is handmade spaghetti with fresh tomatoes and not dried spag with canned sauce.
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