These napkin rings go well with the waffle coasters to create a set on the dining table. The colors of the magazines give it a bohemian charm. Finish the ring with lacquer for easy cleaning and durability.
  • Measure the length and the circumference of a toilet roll.
  • Fold magazine sheets into quarters. Once cut into quarters, fold it into half and then 1/3 and ½ again. Measure the width of the strip and match it according too the circumference of the toilet roll. It should match, giving some allowance of the thickness of the strips. Work out the thickness of the napkin ring. We have measured out 1/3 of the toilet roll, including allowance for the thickness of the strip.
  • Use glue stick to stick the strips onto the toilet roll for placement and ease of weaving. Weave and tuck loose ends into the square weaves.
  • Finish with lacquer.


Mary Beth said...

What kind of a lacquer do you use on magazine paper? Trying to finish these before Christmas for a friend and I'm not sure what will work well. I have mod podge... not technically a lacquer but I'm just wondering.

suzene said...

Hi Mary, so sorry for the late reply. Was away for xmas. The safest and non-sticky laquer would be plastic models paint laquer. Do let us know what of laquer you used in the end. Thanks and sorry again.

Pink Overalls @DIY Home Staging said...

I know this is an older post, but I liked the idea so much I included a photo and link to it on my blog today. I wrote about diy napkin rings suitable for home staging.

Perhaps some of my readers will become your readers and customers. Thanks and best wishes.


I really loved the idea of making use of the magazine sheets here...very creative...!!

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