There are many uses for corks and the alcoholic in us. Apart from making floaty boats for kids and slicing cork circles to help level chair legs and prevent scratches on our floors, lets look at other uses when you have a surplus of corks.

We stumble upon this idea of making cork trivets by using corks and an adjustable pipe clamp. We found a pipe clamp in the store room and decided to give it a try although the clamp isn't quite Fidgety Fingers. Of course, instead of using the clamp, you can use other materials like glueing them together, securing them with rope, natural fibres or glueing tree bark from firewood. You would have to dry the bark thoroughly. Wood stain will help to preserve it.

We didn't manage to find enough corks but in our attempt to make the trivet, we realized how the idea is rather flawed. Corks come in different sizes and heights. Hence, the trivet isn't going to be standing strong or securing our pots of boiling sauces.

In order to make the trivet work, we have decided to wait till we open a few more bottles of wine before we clamp them together and slice the corks shorter and level the heights for stability.

You can also use beetroot juice to dye the tops of the corks for a unique hue to your trivet. Cheers, Gan Bei, Salute, A votre santé, Prosit, Slainte, L'chaim...

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Anonymous said...

I once saw, in a magazine, corks arranged into a cork-board....? Some going one way, some going another way, in a square pattern, so the corkboard looked like a checkerboard. Four perhaps, quarters, to make one board....?

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