Our studio recently moved to a part of town where food isn't fabulous. So we have started to pack lunch to work. At the moment, it is simple fair like pasta and noodles, one-dish meals. It will be great to pack a variety of dishes. The Japanese have their bento boxes. Here at Fidgety Fingers, we are thinking of customising our own bento boxes by piecing smaller boxes within a bigger plastic box itself. Here are some examples which sparked us. We think it is a cool idea and makes it less stressful when you do not have enough to pack into a fixed bento which you buy off the shelf.

You can use paper muffin liners to divide food within containers. It is your chance to use all those cool cookie cutters. Shape sandwiches, cheese slices and thinly sliced fruits to make your colleagues jealous.

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FlipFlop Mom said...

I agree.. the Bento Boxes are cute!!!! I've seen some really cute "homemade" ones.. yours looks great!!

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