We have been posting some cooking tips recently and it seems to help and inspire our readers. There are some bits of food that we throw away, which are usually the best parts to give flavors. We featured the cheese rinds the last time. Do you know what you can do with salmon skin? The Japanese fry it until they are dry and crispy. These crispy strips are then eaten by themselves or rolled into temaki or hand rolls.

The way Fidgety Fingers use the skin is by putting them onto a hot pan, with minimal oil. The oil (we use olive) helps to release the omega oil in the skin easily. Do not put too many pieces of skin though. A little goes a long way. You do get a lot of oil coming out from the skin. We then put in the garlic and onions. Add other ingredients and rice when the onions are somewhat translucent. Add seasoning. You will not need to add too much as the oil from the salmon skin is quite rich. We only added some salt and pepper.

We simmered the pan of rice until the oil is infused in the rice.

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