One of the great things about spring is that there are so many leafy plants to eat. While garden greens are still small some wild plants are ready to harvest. The first time I ate dandelions was a few years ago camping with a friend in Wyoming. We spent an entire morning picking dandelion flowers in an area that had an amazing amount. Growing up, for some reason I thought dandelions were poisonous. I know other people often have this idea too. I think one of the reasons is that dandelions in public places are often sprayed with dangerous chemicals. Dandelions actually make a very good food and medicine too.

Dandelions are not native to North America but have adapted through most of the continent. They grow as a perennial and spread widely through their flying seeds. The leaves can be eaten raw or cooked. The young leaves are the least bitter. PFAF says this: "A very nutritious food, 100g of the raw leaves contain about 2.7g. protein, 9.2g. carbohydrate, 187mg Calcium, 66mg phosphorus, 3.1mg iron, 76mg sodium, 397mg potassium, 36mg magnesium, 14000iu vitamin A, 0.19mg vitamin B1, 0.26mg vitamin B2, 35mg vitamin C". The root can also be roasted into a healthy coffee substitute or addition and the flowers can be made in syrups and wine.

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