Ok, sorry about the earthworms and the deer butt, we know some of you were put off. We were in a funny mood and thought it was extremely hilarious, cooking with earthworms??? You've got to be kidding. Here is something so sweet, it makes you feel you're on top of the world.
Oxytocin is the brain’s love hormone—without it, we might not ever fall in love or attempt monogamy. We know that the hormone releases “happy” feelings during events from nursing to orgasm, and is the reason why people feel a chemical “bond”with a partner. And now, scientists have found that the hormone can also boost the sex appeal of complete strangers. The effects of this chemical is so desirable, better than any drugs out there. 

Oxytocin can be released by various types of sensory stimulation, for example by touch and warmth. Bloodstream levels of oxytocin have been shown to rise during massage. Chilli is known to release oxytocin too.

How do you feel when you are in love? Here's what some of us feel:

  • To be in love... is like jumping off a building, hoping that the person at the bottom will keep their promise to catch you.
  • To be in love... feels like we could lie in bed all day and let the universe float around us. 
  • I know I'm in love when I look in his eyes and I feel my whole world is there and I don't need anything else.
  • My fingers tingle and I go soft, I only get this feeling when I am in love.
  • There is no second guessing it you will know if your in love. Its like nothing you've ever felt before. you love having them around and your anxious but nervous at the same time, yet your completely comfortable around him. When ever you think about him you smile without even realizing it. and you could get high off his scent. You miss him after he's only been gone for a few minutes. It really is worth fighting for and risking everything for. This feeling for this certain person never fades with time but continues to get stronger. Its unexplainable because you can never fully capture everything love is. Just know its one hell of a feeling as long as he loves you back.
  • When he calls you, you look at his name on your phone and just stare at it and realize your smiling. You don't wanna answer it on the first ring because you don't want him thinking your like waiting for him to call and being obsessive. Oh, and another thing is just like randomly smiling and then realize that your thinking about him
  • I can survive on very little sleep and not feel tired at all.
  • I can describe my feeling of falling in love like my chest can barely contain my heart, like I feel strained to keep it in, like it doesn't belong to me anymore.
  • It's not a feeling you can describe. It is totally different for everyone. For me it is trusting someone with your life and being faithful, honest and true to them. It is doing anything and everything to make that person happy and making sacrifices of yourself. It is believing in that person, compromise and conversation. It is a force that takes over you where you feel completely happy and fulfilled. It is the greatest feeling that you can have!
  • The greatest Joy, the greatest Pain and everything in between.
  • It's indescribable.


Anonymous said...

I actually start pampering myself so that I will look my best whenever I meet him.

Anonymous said...

love love love, chocolate, chilli chocolate

Anonymous said...

I really have been secretly smiling when I am working in front of the computer.

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