All of us have fallen in and out of love. The 'out' bit usually have more of a story than the earlier. We remember how the conversation went and it went like, shucks, we went down the same path. It was heartbreaking. We have to admit, just like anyone else, heartbreaks are the one thing which is unbearable and at the same time, a learning curve. Through the learning curve, we learn more about ourselves, what we want or do not, what who we are... The unbearable bit is knowing that that hole in your heart can never be healed. No matter how much you try or how much someone else (probably not the one with the chemistry with, at the right time) try to fill that up, it is never enough.

We guess that we have been altogetherly broken for years. Since 3 years ago and whoever we dated since never did fill the gaps for us. It was a lost cause. Some people would ask, why date? To expect the unexpected, we say.

Having grown older, we have realised that there is no benefit in dwelling, yearning for that 'one'. We guess we have grown a bit melancholic in posting all that about oxytocins and food to influence your mood because we are really feeling the chemistry in our lives right now.

One should never look back. It is healthy to wallow in some self pity, but when it gets beyond a certain time frame, one should really question if it is worth it. We suggest looking at yourself in the mirror, think for a moment, what is it that makes you beautiful... Seriously, everyone is beautiful in some ways, your smile, your eyes, your body, your frown, whatever it is, it ticks somebody else's box out there. You have just got to know that you are worth it.

Take a stride forward and never look back, because when you know you do, it is only going to look stupid to you. Also, when you are moving forward, the most rewarding thing that would probably come out of the blue is someone who knocks on your door again from the past, only for you to say he or she is not enough anymore, having caused you that heartache.

We salute to everyone of you out there who have been through a terrible heartache. We had too. You just never know who you would meet ahead. Fidgety Fingers was the result of that. Thanks for supporting us.


Anonymous said...

Sorry for my bad english. I would like to get updated with you new posts as I love to read your blog. Add me to your mailing list if you have any.

Fidgety Fingers said...

Hi Anonymous, There is nothing wrong with your english! Thanks for your support. We do not have a mailing list. You can join as a follower on the column on the right. You will be notified on Google Reader whenever we post something new. Thanks.

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