Our good friend started Mama Munch in Singapore. We have catered from them and trust us, you will never get enough of those delicious tapas and dips. OMG!!! We cannot talk about it anymore, it is too mouth-watering. Do go to their website and read about them. They are an up-and-coming gourmet caterer who does a fabulous mix of filipino and spanish food. YUMMERS!!

... aren’t there days in the week you’ve just plain run out of ideas on what main dish to serve your family?
... are there some kick-back nights you want to give the phone lines of the nearest burger, pizza & chicken joint a break for a real home-cooked dinner?
... you’ve planned out a video night with your kids but wondering what to munch on?
... a small group of friends are dropping by but the busy work week just made you too knackered to prepare any nibbles to start off or end the evening
... you’re busily preparing for a party at home but you want to focus on the main dishes to free up your oven and stove
... you have a meeting in your office and you want a snack to keep the energy level up

Mobile: +65 91167546

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