A wishy washy person recently wet his phone and didn't quite believe it when we told him that he could save his phone by burying it in rice. He laughed at us like it was a joke. We looked at him indifferently and told him to take it or leave it. "Why do you think people put rice in salt shakers?", we questioned him.

If the salt in your shaker is moist enough to clump, mix in a little bit of rice. The grains will absorb the extra moisture and allow the salt to come easily out of the shaker. Best of all, the rice won’t pass through the small holes, so there’s no danger that it will end up in your food.

Anyway, we were looking for some evidence to send to him online and stumbled upon this hilarious article on how a man named Ernesto saved his date by saving his blackberry with rice. We think he wrote that article himself. Read below:

Preparing for a first date is a stressful time. During the primping and pre-pimping process, the last thing we need before going on a hot date is trouble with our technological gadgets.The toilet bowl is #1 killer of cell phones today, and being that before a date, we spend a lot of time in the bathroom, it doesn’t make for a good combination. I know so many people who have lost their phones due to unwanted trips down the ceramic place-in-the-sky. Haven’t we learned our lesson yet? DO NOT GO NEAR A TOILET WITH A CELL PHONE ON OR NEAR YOUR PERSON. It never ends well.

Well….that is until I found out about this little helpful tip.

The Washington Post reports the story of one guy who, after dropping his Blackberry down the toilet, saved it by sticking it in a bowl of rice.
Strange, but kinda cool, huh?
Supposedly, the dryness in uncooked rice sucks all of the moisture out of the phone.
The guy was able to turn the Blackberry on in just enough time to retrieve his date’s phone number, whom he had plans with later that night. Phew! Then, the phone died, he left it in the rice overnight (after his friend turned him on to the idea,) and the next day, it was up and working; it wasn’t working great, but after letting the phone sit in rice again the next night, he ended up saving the $450 it would have cost for an entirely new Blackberry.
That was Ernesto LondoƱo, staff writer for the Washington Post.
It seems as though Ernesto meets this woman, and asked her for a date on the following night.
He records this woman’s phone number on his BlackBerry. Only on his BlackBerry, people.
And then, we fast forward to the night of the date. Two hours before.
He comes home from a bike ride, unclips his BlackBerry in the general vicinity of his latrine, and then guess what.
You got it.
After frantically pulling his BlackBerry out of the eww, gross.. he can no longer navigate his BB to where he has stored his date’s phone number.
The solution? Dipping his BlackBerry in rice.
Rice, you see, sucks out moisture.
The cool news was that Ernesto was able to quickly retrieve his date’s phone number. Kind of heroic and chivalrous, don’t you think?
Must have worked. As he reports, they are going out on another date.

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