We got Mr Washy to buy a rice cooker when he was here. He bought the one shown above that also comes with a steamer tray. The rice cooker is an amazing piece of cooking equipment if you know how to maximize it. Here are some tips:
  • Please note that washing rice removes some of the soluble vitamins from the rice. Use your common sense. If your source of rice is doubtful, wash the rise. Don't stop washing until the water is clear!
  • For the health-inclined, add some brown rice into the mix. It will give some "chewy" bites. If you want to add some beans (red bean, kidney bean etc), soak the beans overnight before adding to the rice.
  • Use a non-stick spoon that will not scratch the inside of the pot to stir and "fluff" the rice after it's done. The best tool for this purpose is a plastic rice paddle that comes with most rice cookers. To keep rice from sticking to the paddle, dampen the paddle with cold water.
  • When your rice is nearly done, quickly raise the lid and throw in some broccoli, this is the way steaming works for the cooker, if not your vegetables will be overcooked.
  • Use our cooker for oatmeal! 1 cup of oats to 2.5 or 3 cups of water. Add cinnamon, dried fruits and a capful of vanilla extract. After cooking, add sliced nuts and banana.

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