We are not into the habit of reading fashion magazines. They do not really interest us. They are usually full of advertisements and more or less the same content every month, and similar to other fashion magazines. They do not really teach us anything. If we manage to find one in our studio because a friend left it here, it turns itself into a our magazine coasters instantly. We do not believe in buying magazines because they are not only expensive with 50% of ads but they are generally made to be toilet flips. You can find most information online anyway. Nevertheless, there are 3 we like...

Readymade, instructions for everyday life. Everything is getting more and more expensive every year. It is atrocious. We spend money on things which we don't really need like festive decorations and knick knacks. We feel that we always spend too much on buying presents and we don't even know if the recipient likes it or not. This is why we have started making gifts. Readymade teaches you how to make use of materials that you already have at home to make them into quite spectacular gifts, decorations, furniture and many more. It is all of good ideas and tips with instructions. They even have a blog and an archive of projects which you can access online. You can find it here.

Real Simple, life made easier. This is a good read, we reckon. This magazine is quite all-rounded. It featured anything from the home interior, to health and beauty, to housekeeping and easy but delicious and nutritional recipes for busy work weeks. You can find it here.

When we were based in London, we love to read Goodhousekeeping because the agency subscribes it. They subscribe it for research but we love it. Our colleagues used to laugh at us. Although this magazine is associated with middle aged women and housewives mainly, it holds really good and old school tips for the home and kitchen. Old school isn't bad or backward, old school rocks, old school tips and techniques always work the best. It features articles about women's interests, product testing by The Good Housekeeping Institute, recipes, diet, healthy as well as literary articles. You can find it here.

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