We were talking to a friend whom we have not seen online for a long time today. She quit her job a long time ago and decided to be a full-time mom and wife. We know what you guys are thinking, eek, a housewife! We don't think it is that scary or lousy a thought really. She had never thought that she would love kids but she got pregnant and gave birth to what is the product of their love. Frankly speaking, no one cannot love what is theirs. Ok, some do not, those who do not have some serious problems of their own.

We do not have children but we completely understood why she made the decision to leave her job. She even told us that she regrets taking more than a year to decide to quit. She missed precious time with her kid. Life is fleeting and babies grow quickly. A lot of the so-called modern day women would give birth and leave their children with their nannies. We were brought up by nannies and we have always wondered if this is why there is no bond between ourselves and our mothers. For those who have watched Avatar already, and also those who truly understand what love is, know that bond is very important.

SPOILER ALERT (Do not read the paragraph below if you have not watched the movie)

In Avatar, the Na'vi connects with their people, animals and nature with some sensory nerves that branches out from their heads. This creates an understanding and love between them. When the hero had to pick his flying creature, his mentor told him that once a bond is made with his chosen creature, the creature will remain his forever and never fly with another warrior.

It led us to think, in our earthling sense, how sad it is to leave our young with strangers and pursue material. Till today we feel closer to our nannies than our birth mothers. Take a puppy for example:

Awww, so cute. You only want to cuddle him and spend as much time with him because this is the period when he needs most love, is the most attached to you. It is the period when you would nurture him into a good dog. You know the best time of having a pet is when the pet is at its baby stage. They hold such innocence and beauty. Why would one not miss that for a dog but would for a human? Always remember what foundations are for.

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