When we were in London, we walked everywhere. Central London is very close knit and everything is very walkable. Another reason is that sometimes the tube station is simply too far away, not to mention it doesn't make sense to pay a few quid for a couple of bus stops to the station. The solution is to walk. It was our workout and the roads were our gym.

Now that we are in Singapore, we still try to walk as much as we can although the public transport system is brilliant. Buses and trains are air-conditioned and not to mention that there is a bus stop every 20 meters apart.

Many of our friends refuse to walk and would rather pay heaps of money to go to a gym to walk on a treadmill. That baffles us. We understand that sometimes it might be too warm for some people to walk, but a 20 minutes brisk walk from the restaurant to the shopping mall after lunch is too far... hmmm. Baffling. Many people would rather take the taxi.

Walking makes you fit. Ok, sometimes we power-walk a little to reach our destination, but that is even better. Walking helps you to clear your head just like running. Put on your music and you are off to a fitter self. Try to walk as much as you can when you have the time, and you will wonder why you ever need that treadmill when walking everywhere helps you with reaching your destinations.

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