We are deciding which is better, silicone or tin baking tray. Some people might think.... eeewwww, silicone in the oven! But those scientists out there have really perfected it. We are so tempted to go for silicone because it makes cleaning so much simpler and you would not have to break the cake to get it out from the tray. We have been reading many reviews. Amongst those is this from Kitchen Delights:

I decided to buy into silicone baking trays, they come in an array of tempting colours and designs.

However, I have now found it is impossible to love a silicone baking tray, they always look so clinical and unused, and anyway you still have to put them onto a rigid baking tray otherwise they just flip flop about!

Metal baking trays always have signs of being used, old deposits that won't budge no matter how hard you try. They look loved, also they bring back memories of baking days of old. You have to grease and line them even though the lining paper can sometimes be a struggle. I don't want perfection - just a cake that looks homemade.

A muffin or cupcake never looks the same unless it is in a paper case - well it just looks undressed! Part of the fun of eating a muffin is prizing it out of the case.

A muffin out of a silicone tray always looks lonely and unloved to me - but one in a muffin case, well that's a wonderful sight.

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