Mr Washy took our suggestion to turn his pumpkin into a pot, and here is his step-by-step.

Pick a pumpkin of a decent size. The size of the pumpkin will depend of how many servings you want to get out of it. This pumpkin yield about 2 servings, or for Mr Washy's standard, only 1.

This is how to cut a pumpkin. Use a paring knife to cut the top of the pumpkin to create a lid. This lid will help to create humid environment and stop the steam from escaping a little.

Remove the pith and the seeds.

Mr Washy washed the pith off the seeds to save them for us. This is a lot of seeds from a pumpkin. No point wasting them.

Mr Washy dries the seeds in the sun. We are planning to dry them up and grow pumpkin shoots out of them for consumption. Alternatively, you can almost roast them in the oven with the pumpkin pot and eat the seeds.

Meanwhile, chop up 2 chicken breasts, onions, garlic and a chicken cube. Mr Washy carved some pumpkin out from the lid to that he can have more space for the ingredients. Any herbs or spices to your liking will work.

Mix all the ingredients together along with some pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, curry powder, herbs, a dash of olive oil. Be creative. We would caramelize the onions the next time we make the pumpkin pot again so as to add more flavors.

Stuff the ingredients into the pumpkin pot and add some white wine.

Close the pumpkin pot with the pumpkin lid.

Pop the pumpkin pot into the oven at 200 Celsius for about an hour. Remember to put it on a roasting tray in case of any juices oozing out. (The foil contains some leftover ingredients which cannot be fitted into the pot)

You will know when the pumpkin pot is done when you smell that infused pumpkin chicken stew in your kitchen.

Chop up some garnish and serve in the pumpkin pot itself.

Scoop the soft pumpkin and pumpkin-infused chicken stew to serve with rice or linguine pasta. You can taste an obvious difference between the pumpkin-infused stew and the chicken stew in the foil.

The pumpkin pot cooked with all the juices from the pumpkin, making use of the juices from all parts of the gourd. There is a lot of flavor in the skin, and especially the skin as we all know from fruits and gourds. We totally love this pot idea and it is not only super tasty, but saves a lot of washing too.

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