We know Marco Pierre White to be Ramsay's mentor. We have watched White on telly before but now that we are watching him again, there is something more to him. Something extremely unique, we think he is a legend. This is merely our opinion and everyone should just take it with a pinch of salt.

Passion is the word for this man. It is almost scary to watch him. He isn't scary foul mouthed like Ramsay, but there is an air about White which can chill your bones. He is calm, composed around food. He knows what he is doing and it seems so effortless for him. It is like gliding on water. He is like the Hannibal Lecter of the British Culinary world, scarily good, knowledgeable and he can pierce through you when he talks about food. He likes to compare fine food to women. He gave his life to his passion for food and decided to retire and return his michelin stars to have a life again. Touche.

Dynamic personality. Most well known for his foul mouth. We love his shows. He is such a great tv personality. He never fails to make us feel so worked up and passionate about food when we watch the F Word, Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares... He is precise like his mentor, Marco Pierre White. He knows his shit. He knows how to capitalize on his fame. We have heard that his restaurants are all hyped up. Not a surprise because he is probably too busy making telly programs.

We love his programs, food revolution and all. It is all for a good cause. We are not sure if we can regard this geezer as a chef. We do not enjoy or approve of his recipes. It is all about cheeses and bacon. What can taste horribly wrong with cheese and bacon? He makes cooking look simple but so did Delia Smith. In fact Delia is much better and more precise and true to the processes and ingredients than the naked chef. Kudos to him for the revolutions but perhaps it is true what Marco Pierre White said about him. It is all a publicity stunt. We do agree that Jamie is no michelin material and a lot of people we know did say it isn't worth paying to eat at his restaurants as those are simple dishes you can whip up at home with his videos! Gosh. Oh yes, he did put on a substantial amount of weight through the years. Time to practice that food revolution.

We are not very impressed by Stein. He is old school, not to say that it isn't good but most of what he cooks is with butter! He does his traveling and enjoys the food and markets. He came to Singapore and introduced our national chili crab to be something we don't call an authentic crab dish. And not to forget he was rather misinformed about Singapore being all about sex when the taxi driver who picked him up asked if he wanted some girls. He probably just appear to the driver as another dirty old man. Not a very good thing to say on his video nevertheless when his previous destination, Thailand is well known as a sex country. We too think his knowledge of ingredients is not as diverse as other chefs. He is rather limited in his description of cuisine and uses of ingredients in Asia. Of course we know better than him, we grew up here.

Beautiful and booby Nigella is lucky to have her husband, Charles Saatchi, the advertising guru market her as a domestic goddess. Not too much to say about Lawson. We don't regard her as a chef. She is known and accused by the British Media to be one of the chefs to be causing obsesity in the UK next to Rick Stein. Charles is on a strict diet due to health problems and is staying off her food.

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