We were in need of finding a box to pack Suz's stuff for Amsterdam. We decided to go up to the attic in search of a box. Her sisters have left a fair amount of boxes containing their personal stuff, mostly unwanted stuff if you ask us. No one has touched those boxes in years. Do they need or want the stuff? We really doubt it. They are definitely not valuables. And we are very sure that the clothes in those boxes are long outdated.

Despite all those glamorous attic turned penthouses in fancy magazines, we HATE attics with a passion. The attic was built solely for the purpose of a computer room. That did not work out as the room gets heated up so much in the tropics, it is unbearable to be in it. And to think that one of Suz's sisters wanted to stay in the attic! Novel but not working.

OK, back to business... we needed a box. So we thought we would try to empty a box and pack those stuff in another box. Afterall, those boxes are not fully packed. We picked the lightest box and horror of horror...

(This is not her attic, this is just for visual interest)

People have been hoarding stuff and depriving the attic of light and air! Here is what is in the box...
  • Wallet and watch boxes. Of course empty.
  • Bad taste christmas presents they received from friends.
  • Old namecards that belong to themselves!!! Hello?
  • TV cables (a lot of them!!!)
  • A very old keyboard.
  • Loads of novelty candles.
  • Oh... those airline bags, you know, those that holds airline socks and all. A lot of them!!! And they are all yellow and musky.
  • Dust.
  • More empty gift boxes and more useless watch boxes, which by this time, after a few years of storage, have disintegrated.
God helped us!!! We finally emptied a box by throwing out more than half of its content, all of which went into the recycling bin of course. We are not hoarders, or at least we think we are not. But the monstrosity of the attic really made us think of how much crap we are keeping and how much of them are actually useful... Oh, and bad presents... why do people bother? Edible presents are always the best.

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