Someone in the office got a virus and it is simply worrying. He has Mycoplasma which is a virus on the respiratory tracts. We are not chicken, we can be sick, or even get a virus and have a persistant cough for weeks to come... but not when we are contracted to finish off a presso on a very tight deadline! We do not know if we were being paranoid today or not. We felt our immune system wavering. Our lids were heavy from 3pm. We reached home, slept from 5pm to 12mn and woke to continue working. Argh!!! Now our body clock is screwed.

This is it:
Mycoplasma infection typically refers to the respiratory illness caused by Mycoplasma Pneumoniae, a microscopic organism related to bacteria. Most infections involve the upper respiratory tract (such as sore throat, bronchitis). In five to ten percent of patients, the infection can progress to pneumonia. The medical term for this lung infection is Atypical Pneumonia or Community Acquired Pneumonia. It is also commonly referred to as "Walking Pneumonia", as the symptoms are usually mild and most patients are able to function quite normally. Hospitalisation is rarely required. Complications are relatively rare. Anyone can get the illness, but it most often affects older children and young adults. Children under five years old usually have mild or no symptoms. It is uncommon in the first year of life.

What about wear a face mask? It may make you look like a douche but we think it is a considerate thing to do. Should face masks be worn daily? The general consensus is that face masks are not necessary when it comes to Influenza A H1N1. They do not necessarily filter out small particles and they give a false sense of security. Unless the general public is aware how to wear and to dispose of masks, the original wearer or anyone coming in contact with used masks may become infected.

BUT WHEN WORN CORRECTLY, it filters out those infected, coughed or sneezed out vapors that get trapped and continues to circulate in an enclosed, air-conditioned environment. ARGH!!!

This duck face mask which makes you look like Howard the Duck or a giant douche is supposed to be the most effective face mask out there against SARS and TBC. According to our reliable medical source, all the other face masks are placebos.

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