This is from Mr Washy. He needed more space for clothes. An awkward built-in wardrobe was proving itself more awkward than before. There were a few consideration. Mr Washy didn't want the hanging space, he needed to maximize the space in the wardrobe. There was the option of having built-in shelves but it would be an extra cost which he would not benefit from when he sells his place and move. So, the economical solution was to buy a chest of drawers which he could bring to his new place in the future.

Mr Washy: OK so I got the drawer cabinet. Almost broke my back carrying it up myself, but I succeeded! See the thing does not disassemble, the drawers seem fixed and being of good italian quality the wood is like solid oak or something, darn heavy! The hardest part was getting it out of my car without any scratches, I think only slightly a bit of scratching on the sides may have occured, but almost unnoticeable :S Still, what a cheap buy for such a good quality! And so much storage space!

Before opening the built-in cupboard door.

Here it is with the drawer out to the max.

Here with the drawer in again. There is some space to store longer winter coats and shoes by the side which is good.

And see, when you close the door there is even still space left for a coat hanger or even a standing lamp!

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