It is in the middle of July. It should be summer in Amsterdam but the weather is known to be erratic here. It is grey and rainy. The sun is setting at 10pm and the temperature is 20 degrees Celsius. It is pretty crazy if you ask us. Fear not, knowing its unpredictable nature, there are still days of summer to come.

We went to the gardeners yesterday in hope of buying some herbs for our home. There was a sale going on for Friday and Saturday only. Lucky us.

The little herbies are not in their tip top condition. It was raining for the past few days and they are soaked. They are barely surviving, hence the discount. We took some of them in hope of reviving them. Lets see how successful we will be at that.

Do you know that it is easier to revive potted herbs from the gardener then those potted ones at the supermarket? The herbs from the gardener's are sturdier as they are grown from seeds. Not to say store bought herbies are not from seeds, we do not know that for the fact. But store bought herbs have thinner stems and hence they are more suitable for quick consumption. Any comments to share?

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