Our fridge was acting up on us. It was freezing the things towards the back of the fridge. It was a bit late when we realized this. Some ingredients were already frozen. We had to readjust the settings on the fridge and also start using those ingredients before they turned nasty beyond usability.

One of them was our Thai chillies, the spicy little babies.

We washed them and picked out the really nasty ones.

We transferred the chillies into our Magic Bullet given by our dear friend, Uma the Puma. We added raw ginger and garlic.

And then all you have to do is just blitz with white vinegar and TADA! It has to be vinegar and not lime in this case because we are not going to finish the chilli sauce in one go. Vinegar allows you to keep for longer in the fridge and lime does not have that preserving factor as vinegar.

You should add the vinegar bit by bit and taste to suit your liking. That goes for the ginger and garlic too. We took this chilli sauce to go with our roasted chicken by the Amstel River for a picnic on Sunday. Yummmmy!

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cs said...

Jus a tot: my mom, blend her chilli mixes such as sambal & lemak, cooked them than when it cools, store them in the freezer for use as needed. I remember Norza once telling me she blend her ingredient individually and put them into individual container, this way which ever kind of mixes she need for the day, she just mix and match them as they would do when u buy them in the wet market spice mix stall.

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