We are not extremely fashionable people. We like our own style and that somehow do not conform to trends. We love some fashion items out there but we usually hold back and ask ourselves if we really need certain things when we see the price tags.

Sometimes we wonder if paying $2-3k for a bag or a dress is well worth our money. We guess a lot of you out there are also asking yourselves the same thing. This is why there are cheaper and lower quality clothings mimicking fashion trends and styles. This is also why extremely cheap 'disposable' blog shops' items are in trend. (Click here to read about blog shops and disposable clothings)

We recently went window shopping with a good friend. We walked passed Herve Leger's boutique and we so wanted to go in. Our friend was reluctant because what was on display were very ordinary looking dresses. Nothing spectacular she said. We wanted to try on one of Leger's dresses just to kill our curiosity on why women drool over these $2-3k dresses. Hey, it is only trying, no harm. This is the beauty of window shopping!

Once in the dress, we were sold. So, this is the difference between this $2.5k dress and those $200 replicas. She was sold too. We are not camwhores nor one of those narcissistic girls, but that dress made us look simply breathtaking. That is why we will never settle for a replica. You are paying for quality. Yes, a brand, but a brand who knows quality. This is what makes those celebrities look so superbly goddess-like on the red carpet. Really quality clothings, designed by designers who know their stuff. We agreed that that is a dress that will last forever and a piece to be passed down to your daughter(s).

We continued our window shopping in awe and went from one label to the next, scrutinizing their items and studying quality. Not all brands are known for quality goods but for those who know which brands they are, you know that you can count on these brands for a dress or a bag that last for a very long time and shoes that are so comfortable and lasting, you will never look at cheap replicas and inspired styles in the same way.

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