We stayed in the middle of all the towns and cities for the sake of proximity. We had our Frugalculosa as a guide. The 1st day after arriving was to recuperate from the long trip from The Netherlands. Pontedera is a town which is 20 minutes from our apartment. There isn't much in the town of Pontedera. It is a quaint little town with a free Vespa museum.

Pontedera  is an industrial town where they manufacture the Vespa. It has undergone a modernization and has attracted a liberal/literate/progressive/artistic population.  There is a wonderful fusion of the most modern art into the old buildings. The town is criscrossed by bike paths and people run errands on bikes with handlebar baskets.

Pontedera is an Italian industrial town in Tuscany, Italy, in the administrative province of Pisa. It is the headquarters of the Piaggio company, which in the 1930s was a major aircraft manufacturer and which now manufactures motor vehicles such as the Vespa and the Ape. It has also been the headquarters of the wine company Castellani Spa since it was founded in 1903.

Pontedera is in the Arno valley at the confluence of the Era River and the Arno River. It is across by Scolmatore channel and by Roglio, Era’s tributary. It has a small lake in Pietroconti called Braccini lake.

On 11 June 1554, Pontedera was the scene of a pyrrhic victory in the last effort by the Republic of Siena to retain its independence. Piero Strozzi, commanding the Siense forces, won at Pontedera but this only led to his decisive defeat two months later at the Battle of Marciano and the end of the Senese independence.
Museo Piaggio “Giovanni Alberto Agnelli” viale Rinaldo Piaggio 7
- 56025 Pontedera (PI). +39 0587 27.17.1  +39 0587 29.00.57

The Piaggio Museum is located in Pontedera in the heart of northwest Tuscany, a 15-minute drive from Pisa and 35 minutes from Florence. The visit, enjoyable for children as well as for adults, makes a pleasant stop en route to Florence from Pisa or vice versa, or a diversion during a summer holiday along the Tuscan coast or among Tuscany’s many museums and art cities.
OPENING HOURS Tuesday to Saturday
10 a.m. to 6 p.m Free entry

This model reminds us of Anthony Hopkins in The World's Fastest Indian.

Loving these retro ads.

Here is something fidgety. It does not make a lot of sense to us as to why there is such a Vespa in the museum, but here it is.

There is a bit of moo moo in a Vespa too.

There is an apple for Mac and an apple for Vespa.

This is the very weird contraption commissioned by the French. They parachuted these from the sky and then supposedly, the soldiers would travel by land on the scooters. No wonder they lost the war.

The souvenir shop is way cool.

Here is something fidgety again. We love this lamp made out of an old Vespa headlight. It costs 300euro though.

Here are all the archives.

The traveling die hard fans who popped over to Pontedera for the museum as pilgrimage for the love of Vespa. Awesome! Rock on!

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