We were talking to a friend online the other day about what we have to achieve in the dam. She said we should slow down because we are running before we can walk. We have only just left the tropics. Just? We started counting and damn, she was right. We will only be in the dam for 3 months this coming Thursday. It seemed longer because we have achieved quite a lot now. Yet we were beating ourselves up for not have achieved a lot.

What have we done in the past 3 months?
  • Basically, relocated from the tropics to the other side of the planet. 
  • Immersed ourselves in the research of relocation paperwork. 
  • Transformed and setup our living space.
  • Bought a bicycle and cycled in the dam.
  • Made a good friend, Swiedebie.
  • Visited Tuscany, drove through Germany and Switzerland.
  • Perfected our pasta cooking.
  • Learnt how to cook risotto.
  • Improved our cooking and degustation methods.
  • We now speak survival dutch, still learning to be better at it. We can read and understand dutch now. Yea!
  • Received our temporary residency, yes, this took forever, believe it or not.
  • Made lots of stuff and given them as birthday presents.
  • Grew and ate from our indoor garden. The plants are not surviving well in this cold right now but we enjoyed our harvest.
  • Bred ladybirds.
  • Learnt how to crochet better.
  • Learnt what is important in home-making and the most efficient way to cook and do grocery.
  • etc...
It might not sound too much but it is pretty awesome in our whole relocation. Getting used to and learning a new language is a tedious process. We never had a dull moment, with loads of self-enriching going on. We want more of it! Want to do more and more.

A friend has this next to her nickname online, 'Real wealth is owning your time'. We do! We cannot be proud enough to say that. This is a transition before we really settle and find a bread and butter job, but this is indeed a well-deserved break from those grilling days at work. Running the mill, working more than 8 hours a day to make more and more money for others. There is no doubt some form of self-worthiness in working. It makes you feel useful. But at the end, you are nothing more than a button pusher for the higher-ups. The money you earn enables you to then own your time and do something you love, be it traveling, eating or something else.

We work and then we spend our money de-stressing, be it drinks or shopping or traveling and then we spend our weekends resting. We are indeed enjoying our time now. It is indeed well spent.

Here is a toast to all home-makers out there. Yippee!

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