We had some really nasty encounters recently. We have been busy with our projects at home. Sewing and all that have us pretty busy. When you have been MIA (missing in action) for a couple of weeks and then there are all of a sudden accusations coming out of nowhere, you cannot blame us for scratching our heads so hard our scalps start to bleed. What have we done? What we been sleep walking and ripping the guts out of people at night? Hmmm... it is still a mystery for us.

Nonetheless, this sort of behaviour is not new to us. We have seen it a few times in our short but well-lived lifetime. We call this the 'Cruella'.

There is a Cruella or 2 in everyone's life. If you have not met her yet, just you wait. We call these people, people who grew up drinking poison. They are bitter, there is nothing quite nice about them, they scrutinize you from head to toe, they judge you, they smile at you and then back stab you as many times as they possibly can, they think they are better than everyone else, they are control freaks...etc. Man, the list goes on. It is so tiresome.

When life is already short enough, and to have these people hovering around you is exhausting and stressful. Is it really necessary? Life is short, we do not want to deal with such people. We always believe that you will be treated the way you treat others. We also believe in auras. When your aura stinks, you can be sure people want to stay very far away from you. And when you do stay far away from the Cruellas, they would blame you and send their stinking auras to chill your bones so hard it forces tears out of your eyes.

We are people with principles. So, to be maligned, it is something we cannot just sit here and swallow. After a few days of brooding and wondering what was actually wrong with us, we realized there was nothing.

We did eventually rise from the ashes and become stronger beings, or rather getting through the shock and getting stronger day by day. These people will always be in the world. They will always choose evil. They will continue to drink and spit poison. So, what do you do? Her way or the high way?

We chose the high way. We are not going to be unhappy ourselves trying to appease the beast. What is the point of that when we were simply innocent bystanders who got maligned to deepest level of hell. We say, no contact is good contact. Related by blood or name, no one has the right to traumatize or abuse another person.

Life is too short, we are going exploring. Enjoy your poison, tata.

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