We got burnt last night. We swear we will never cook for xmas again. It isn't worth it. Best to cater. It was what was spending a whole day in the kitchen cooking, and on top of that, we got burnt.

That is not a picture of our hand but ours look more or less the same, if not worse.

The wound started to sweat and the skin started to become a bit loose. The sign of a blister forming. It wasn't good. Burnt blisters are the worst.

Upon 'researching' on the www (you can read about it here), we came across this... salt. It talks about table salt, but most people would use epsom salt right. We do no have epsom salt but what the hell... table salt it is for a try. In theory, it should work right? To draw water out of a potential blister. The theory of osmosis should work on this. So we put salt on our burnt wound and covered it with napkin. It stunk a little. It was already hurting so that extra stinking was nothing on top of it.

We woke up the next morning with a dried up wound. What a wonder. You can try it the next time you see a blister forming. Why not? You have nothing to lose. Just do not try it on open skin.

Read this other review :

As soon as you get burned run water over the area and pour salt on it. It will sting but this is an indication that the salt is working. It pulls the moisture out of the skin that will cause a blister. It is the blister that will cause the scar. If you can stop the blister then you can stop the scarring. You can do this for 1st and some 2nd degree burns but don't do it for 3rd degree burns. My grandmother poured hot scalding grease on both arms and this method prevented any blisters and scarring (note that she might have had severe 2nd degree burns in this case but this will give you an idea of just how bad this burn was and she had no blisters...I am sure it stung like ****). No one will recommend it but it works. The key to the success is to get the salt on the burn ASAP before the blister starts. If the blister has already developed forget it and move on to aloe vera or other antibiotic gels which prevents infection from the damage that has already been done. Salt is to prevent the damage. Butter and mustard have been long time recommendations and the salt in both is what helps. Someone also had mentioned soy sauce...salt again. Go straight to the salt and do not pass the water. The water allows the salt to stick. Once the stinging has ended brush the salt off and blister. Do Not brush the salt away too soon as blisters are pretty persistant in forming. I have been using it for 30 years and it is cheap and in most kitchens. Just think how much salt water helps your "wounds" heal when you go to the ocean or gargle with salt water. Salt is a good thing but no pharmacist will admit it...maybe because it is too simple and cheap. I also come from a medical background so I know no one will agree. You just have to try it and see for yourself. It is truely amazing.


Anonymous said...

I'm Vietnamese-American and whenever I had a burn, my mom would put fish sauce on it. It's so high in salt content that dries out any blisters before they can happen. I've used this most of my childhood until I figured out that I would be less stinky if I just used salt.

Wayne Stone said...

Salt works very well, I've have used this remedie for over 50 years.hIt was handed down to my family from a old Mexican Indian 3 generations ago. You don't blister but you are sensitive to cold or warm water for a day or two.

Anonymous said...

My Nigerian mother always made me quickly run cold water over a cooking burn, then pour table salt over the it. She claims it's some juju. Glad to hear it's legit.

Sandhya said...

Salt with few drops of water is very effective. I have been using for past fifteen years

Anonymous said...

the other thing that works is honey. put it on immediately and it calms the burn within minutes. I scalded my hand with hot soup and rinsed with cold water, put on raw honey and put gauze bandages on it. within a few hours all redness and burn were gone. they are using honey in Australia for burn victims in their bandages. That's why I decided to try it.

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