Hello 2011. It was a roller coaster ride for us in 2010 and we are so glad the stars are changing in 2011. Our feelings are still experiencing the ups and downs at this beginning of 2011. Nonetheless, it is time for some new year resolutions :
  • Eliminate Cruellas from our lives. Nasty people are a waste of oxygen, we do not need them and so do you. 2011 is a time to ignore them and let them continue to drink their own poison.
  • Stand up for ourselves. There is no time for shrinking violets. We hate bullies. This year, we are going to confront bullies and ask them what their problems are, IN THEIR FACES.
  • Be happy. That would basically mean the above 2 points. To be positive and not let negativity from shits come into our shield.
  • Start our languages, be it baby steps. We are going to stop with our Dutch. There is only so much we can do to be integrated in a society with narrow-minded with a lot of prejudice. We already know English and Mandarin, Spanish will be the next one. It is the top 3 languages of the world, isn't it. What is Dutch?
  • Be better at what we do. It takes time and tenacity but we will do it.
  • Be better cooks. Our food have been tasting sad, because we were fazed by bullies. Fear not, 2011 is bully-free on our calendar.
  • Anymore? We will be back to add more.

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