A lot has happened in the past year. A lot of ups and also a lot of downs. It was overall a good year, loads to ponder. Turning back, it was like a roller coaster ride. Not that we do not enjoy rides like this, but we realized that no matter how strong a person is, we all do need time to process some things. Emotions need to settle, but when things happen one after the other, we usually switch it off, ignore it or just spend some time dwelling.

K told us time is there for a reason. It could be ticking away for some people, it could be there for people to spend and to learn new lessons... All emotions need time to register. Be it hurt, surprise, shock, happiness... all these race our hormones and blood, surely it is going to cause stress and trauma to our fragile bodies and minds.

We used to think that time is not enough, we are always racing against it, trying to live as much as possible. Live fast, die young, possibly. Our motto this year is to give everything time. There is no point rushing anything. Our Italian roadtrip was less than restful because our trip was rushed, thinking we should check all the reachable places on the map. Wouldn't it be more enjoyable to sit down with a glass of brunello and just spend time in a quaint hidden-away bar somewhere?

People need to give people time too. The whole ordeal with our bullies went really out of hand when they got relentless with their abuse. This ordeal is not easily forgotten. It might one day, but time is needed. A good friend mentioned that if we are weak, we will definitely feel bullied. We shouldn't care about those small, narrow-minded people.  It is all in the mind no doubt but we need time. Need time to calm down, time to register and switch that part of the mind out, perhaps even time to pass so that we feel brave enough to confront the bullies, which we did. The confrontation did something for us because we witnessed how small people can get. Certain people or matters are proven through time that they are insignificant, or that through time, they lose their credibility because they only prove that every breath they take seem to not to benefit anybody around them.

Time. Words do not necessarily heal but time helps to prove a lot of things. People will blow their cover, people will prove themselves... And we just need to take time to slow down and smell the roses, and let everything happen in due time.

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