We went out on Saturday to what was a very boring afternoon. Conversation was sort of one-sided and hardly stimulating. Thank god it was only an afternoon.

We are going to indulge in a girls day out tomorrow. We are not super girlie girls. We are just not like that. We have our introverted Project Fidgety Fingers, and we also have our extroverted party animal side. Our girls day out is probably very different from yours.

That SK suggested manicure and pedicure which is totally not us. We suggested a massage. That is very welcomed. Who doesn't love a good massage? It is cheap in Asia too, which is such a blessing. SK suggested binging on food. Why not? Again, Asia is the best place for it. And Singapore especially, with so much to choose from, how can one not go crazy or feel extremely pampered?

Apart from all the other things we are going to do together, the conversations are the best thing we are looking forward to. When you are with good friends, you share. You talk about politics, philosophy, you disagree and then you laugh at each other because it is all so silly. You then talk about yourself, your likes and dislikes, your problems, your troubles, you frown, you smile, you go 'oh bollocks!' and then you talk about what to treat yourself to make yourself happy. It is all so therapeutic with good girlfriends. Who needs therapist? What are therapists as compared to God and good girlfriends? When you are expressive and open with your friends, there is nothing a girls day out cannot do to make you feel like a million dollars.

We have some guy friends who completely get the girls day out notion and do it with us nonetheless. Not that they do it with us too often but when we do need it, they are there. It is therapeutic to pamper yourself. To eat and and drink good, to talk good, to offload good.

That is what our girls day out is about. Offloading and laughing it off. What is yours?

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