We had a foul experience in 2010, the year of the tiger. It was a terrible year for a lot of us, we believe. The thing that stood out for us, the biggest lesson learnt was that of relationships, especially of mother and son. We have always had a good relationship with our father. Perhaps it is really true that they say daughters are closer to their fathers and sons to their mothers. Our relationship with our mother has always been love and hate.

We all take shit from our folks when we were growing up. Of course, we thought certain things were good when they were not. They were there to guide us. Up to a certain point, the folks, especially the mother has to wean. We would think the range of age said to be quarter life is considered an appropriate age for one to be deemed as an adult. That should be the time folks leave us alone to explore our own lives and selves, isn't it? That certainly happened to us.

We went out with a wishy washy character before whom we never thought to be a mama's boy. The person was wonderful but turned into a character we didn't recognize when it came to the mother. We are still haunted by it today. Shudders...

What defines a mama's boy? Here are some definitions. 
ma·ma's boy (mämz) - a boy or man characterized by unusual closeness to his mother and often by timidity and overly refined manners.

mama's boy - a boy excessively attached to his mother; lacking normal masculine interests.

We have always thought of a mama's boy as having a lot of affection towards his mother. The wishy washy character certainly didn't. In fact he seemed to resent her and is only close to her due to her unreasonable demands. So, we guess by the definition of 'unusual closeness to his mother and often by timidity' covers that then.

What is with the nose?
Believe it or not, some mothers can resemble the witch in Snow White. They can really really look like that. Gosh, what is with that nose? Living a poisonous and bitter life can really make a person look bad and evil. It could well be a stereotype that witches look like this but stereotypes exist for good reasons. They are always a reflection of life. Cruel but true.

The saddest thing about mamas' boys is that they will never grow up to be their own man. The whole idea of having grown up with the mother constantly reminding you that she owns you and you owe her, is a traumatic experience. It is no wonder they have shriveled up balls like raisins. Imagine marrying into a family like this. Now we know someone up there loves us enough to prompt us to pull a runaway bride.

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