We are firm believers of massage. We know that it is expensive to get a massage in western countries but that is really too bad. Massages are common in the far east and due to the many spas and boutiques, the prices are competitive. There are some really good ones around in Singapore. If you are ever coming here, drop us a line and we will pass the contact over.

There are several different types of massage but let us not get into that here. All in all, massages help to improve blood circulation and relieves your muscle tensions. It is almost like exercising if you may, only that you are not working out! Yes, sometimes we can really be that lazy. Because our job is desk-bound, we often suffer from stiff shoulders and a tight back. Massage always helps us to relieve the tension in those areas. No matter how much we stretch, it never really seem to help with those problem areas.

Now, back to the topic of facial massages. We had some frown lines forming a while back. We were really stressed for a long period of time and the frown lines formed and made us look like we were constantly frowning. The reason why the lines were forming was due to our tensed facial muscles. We could feel the muscles just hardening as a result of the stressful period.

This is a picture and example of before and after botox. Our frown lines were not as bad as that but we can really tell you that they were on their way to being quite permanent.

We started to massage our face quite religiously and the lines are gone now. It was a tedious process. We massaged our face maybe 2x a day for at least 40 minutes each time. We probably did that for a good 2 weeks. We are still continuing the massage for maintenance but it is now once or twice a week for a much shorter duration. So, facial massages do work and only if you start early. It will probably not be as effective if you have already had lines for a long time, but we are sure it will help nonetheless. Start early and you can save a lot of needles and knives.

Here is an example of facial massage we found on Youtube.

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