OUR FAVORITE TRAVELING NOSH WITH YOUR KETTLE OR COFFEE-MAKER you just want to be on a budget when traveling. For us, it really is more of a quick and healthy meal. The only 2 things we need are soba noodle (buckwheat is what we like) and soba sauce which usually is a combination of soy sauce, bonito extract and some other bits.

All you need is a coffee maker or kettle to boil your noodles in. Just clean is thoroughly. After the noodles are done, rinse them with cold water and serve with the soy sauce dip. To reduce the washing up, we simply pour the dipping sauce onto the noodles directly. Add some vegetables if you can. Just blanch the vege with hot water.

And our favourite addition is that of the soft boiled egg. the noodles, sauce, vege and egg(s) together and you have a meal with all the complete vitamins and fibres.

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