We were brought back to one of our very old posts on crochet on Linkwithin when we were looking at some newer posts. We indulged in crochet a lot a while back. It calmed us down especially with the whole relocation stress. Unfortunately it was frowned upon and our crocheted gifts deemed as conditional. Goodbye Washy, you didn't deserve any of it.

Our old post:
Ok, we are back to talking about Like Water for Chocolate again. It might be boring for some of you, but we LOVE the film. It is a simple story but with so many levels of complexities and passion. We recently came across these pictures which we have been looking for a long time.

Tita cannot express her sorrows and vexation. When that happens, she crochets. Whenever she feels the pain from the love she and Pedro share, she starts to crochet and what results in the end is a scene so touching it never fails to make our hearts stop beating for a moment or 2.

The movie, Like Water for Chocolate, used crochet to show the depression of the main character. She crochets onto her blanket when she is upset over anything, and the thing grows to phenomenal size.

It's full length is shown trailing out from a carriage and it is hilarious to see! It is a foreign film, translated from Spanish; They mistranslated her work as knitting but it is an obvious crochet, granny-square, afghan that she makes. This is a movie worth finding!


luana said...

I love that film! each second! Im glad to find that post, I discover yuo a few months ago becouse of the magazine coasters, and now revisitting I found this! Thankyou very much.
PD:I'm spanish speaker so I'm sorry if any mistake.

Fidgety Fingers said...

Hi Luana,

Thanks! Your english is perfect. Do let us know what are some of the topics you would like to read about. We hope to be a good and informative blog to all of you out there.

Fidgety Fingers

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