Our good friend, Shine, mentioned that it is good to drink Lingzhi tea. She has tried and tested it and she swears by it.

Lingzhi is a form of mushroom, otherwise known as the Ganoderma lucidum species. The Japanese know Lingzhi by another name, reishi. This type of mushroom has been used as a Chinese medicine for an extremely long time, well over four thousand years to be exact. Some call this herb the ultimate healer, based on it's benefits and it's minimal amount of side effects.

Scientists have discovered that the use of Lingzhi can enhance your immune system, treat ailments caused by respiratory sickeness, and even provide substantial benefits to those who have cancer. Lingzhi itself can actually be broken down into several different categories, each benefiting certain parts of the body. Lungs, heart, spleen, brain, kidneys, liver, joints, and even skin are all parts of the body that can experience health benefits from the use of Lingzhi.

Most who use Lingzhi have experienced a boost in their immune system, along with the elmination of certain toxins. Lingzhi has also been said to offer positive weight management results. Those looking to lose weight may benefit from the use of Lingzhi in a variety of forms.

This is what the Lingzhi looks like in sliced form.

Lingzhi is currently available on the market in a variety of ways. You can buy Lingzhi in some of it's most common forms such as extracts, formulas, and supplement pills. It is also very common to find products such as Lingzhi tea and Lingzhi coffee. Most people interested in losing weight use Lingzhi to help speed up their metabolism and reduce fat. It can curb your appetite too.

The majority of methods used are all focused on pure rejuvenation, detoxification, increasing your body's strength, brain power, and immune system.

Keep in mind that using Lingzhi should never be an alternative to replace exercise. Proper exercise and excellent nutrition are always essential to maintaining good health.

  • We bought the sliced Lingzhi or as in Japan, they call it Reishi. We bought this from a Traditional Chinese Medical Hall. There are apparently a few different types. We did see a darker coloured one in another shop. It is burgundy on the outer rims and with more antioxidants we would think.
  • Wash the slices of Lingzhi. About 5 gm would be enough for one person.
  • We added some washed red dates as the TCM lady mentioned that the Lingzhi does not taste like anything. She also suggested adding wolfberries. We do not have that so red dates it was.
  • We poured hot water into a canister with the washed Lingzhi slices and red dates, brought it to a boil and simmered for 30 minutes. Some directions would advise you to simmer it for 2 hours but we followed as what the TCM lady suggested. We would boil it again for another 2 -3 times after we have finished drinking the tea, just so to get all the goodness out from the herbs.
  • It is also recommended to add some sugar or honey or even green tea to it. We added green tea for that extra antioxidant. We didn't add sugar as we wanted to taste the tea as it is, there is also some natural sweetness from the red dates.
  • Enjoy. We shall let you know what happens after drinking it for 2 weeks. If we would feel better or even, look more toned.


BABY ridg said...


BABY ridg said...

What happened?

BABY ridg said...


Fidgety Fingers said...

It definitely increased the metabolism but don't count on it if you want to lose weight massively.

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