Before we went to Hanoi, we came across the description of Hanoi Kids on Tripadvisor and decided to contact them for a free tour. We were a bit late to book their services but Hanoi Kids were so friendly and accommodating to help us make our trip great. Hanoi is full of opportunistic tour groups and it is always stressful to pick them. We love Hanoi Kids because it is for a wonderful cause. It is about a cultural exchange and giving the students a chance to practise their English and to understand other cultures. It can also help to give them opportunities in the tourism trade in the future.

Hanoikids, established in 2006 is known as a student-run organization based in Hanoi, Vietnam.

By voluntarily taking city tours in Hanoi, we hope to bring to travelers from all over the world an insight into our culture, tradition and beautiful sight-seeing.  Each individual can explore their full potential through cross-cultural experiences and extracurricular activities. 

Here are some of the Hanoi Kids : 
Our guide is Nhung, the second girl from the right.

We had such a wonderful experience, we just had to write them a good review :

Hi Hanoi Kids,

We booked HanoiKids on the 14th of May 2011, Saturday and had Le anh son and Nhung to meet us at our hotel. They arrived earlier than 9am which was simply too sweet of them.

We then discussed our itinerary for the day. We were very flexible with our day and really wanted to try local food. Both Son and Nhung said they will try their best to accommodate our greediness. ;-p They suggested some places to visit and we headed to the Museum of Literacy and the Prison.

Nhung was so sweet to always hold our hands when crossing the busy streets of Hanoi.

When we got to the Museum, we were astonished by their knowledge of the attractions and we were all impressed. Nhung was very good at explaining things to us and she makes a very good guide because she made sure she wasn't just the only one talking. She included Son and asked us many questions along the way. We also learned that it was Son's first tour and we were only too excited to tease him and bombard him with questions. He was very sweet to answer our questions and accommodate our cheekiness.

They then brought us to quench our thirst with something local. The sweet drinks and desserts which we love. They said it is a very good drink's place and a lot of students frequent that haunt. We ordered loads of drinks and ice cream. Son and Nhung made their recommendation which we were so grateful for.

We then headed for the Prison tour which J loved. It was an eerie place but so full of history.

They then brought us to a restaurant we wanted to go. We invited them for lunch. Son and Nhung were very polite to refuse but we insisted to buy them lunch as they were such good guides.

One of the highlights that Nhung brought us to was this cafe which is 
sandwiched between the old shop houses at the Old Quarter. As visitors, we would have missed this place altogether if not for her. We fell in love with  this cosy hangout and its aromatic 'egg' coffee. Nhung told us that the cafe is where Hanoi students frequent and hang out .

Nhung's recommendations had indeed enriched our experience in Hanoi. We are so grateful to both Nhung and Son for spending a day with us.


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Nhung said...

Hey Kai, Suz and Jeddie!!!It's very meaningful for me to receive these words from you <3. Love you all and wish you all the best!!!

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