1. When he is a mummy's boy. He will never admit it nor see that he is one but as someone on the outside of the picture can easily see it.
  2. When the rest of the family like evil sisters bully him. You'd know when the man has raisins for balls now.
  3. When he never honor his words. This is not a man you can trust. He might think he is right but that is because he has a flakey character. Move on.
  4. When he wallow in self pity when something in work goes wrong. Would you want to be part of that person's life? He is suppose to be a man. When can you know that you can rely on him for all situations? Probably never.
  5. When he thinks that you are the woman and you should do the chores. He might say he would help but when he touches the laundry and tells you it is already dry and does nothing... you know he is an ass.
  6. When he doesn't see your efforts and fail to appreciate you.
  7. When he sides non-righteousness and not you. If he is the man for you, he will side you irregardless of whether you are right or wrong. But he will tell you that you are wrong after. But at least he would stand by you throughout. That is what a man is made of.
  8. When he fails to embrace life with you because he is wimp. Because staying at home mean staying out of trouble. Because reading a book is better than going out? Haha!
  9. When he is stingy with you. Need we say more.
  10. When he has no friends. That says only too much about someone.

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