There are a lot of ways to find more room all over your house. You just have to let your imagination guide you and it is unlimited. The secret to finding ever elusive space is sometimes as simple as looking at something in a new way.
Living room
  • Pull a hallway console table or a dining room sideboard into the living room. Stash everyday items in the drawers and save the top for beautiful accessories.
  • Tuck a large woven basket in an out-of-the-way spot to coral throw pillows and afghans.
  • Double-duty furniture like a coffee table with a tray on top frees up the storage space a bulky tray would require. The tray top lifts off to travel easily to other rooms.
  • An under the sink storage area constructed of simple plywood- covered 2×4′s, then painted, will replace a vanity and it will add more room. The sectioned-off shelves will make organization easy that will prevent the deep pile-up that usually occurs in under the sink storage.
  • Chrome baskets slide out easily for access to rolled- up hand towels, washcloths, toilet tissue and bath products.
  • A niche cut into the wall for a narrow cabinet and shelves add lots of hiding space but doesn’t intrude into the room.
  • Above-counter basins take up less under the sink space, providing even more storage area below.
  • Fill the “dead spots”. Built-in window seats make use of odd- sized areas that will provide storage beneath the cushions while providing a place to sit and gaze.
  • A mantelpiece makes a nifty headboard in a too small bedroom. use the top for pretty accessories thta will not fit elsewhere in the room.
  • Go vertical when there is no horizontal room. Wall-mounted lights will illuminate the room and solve a no-nightstand dilema. Cords are hidden behind.
  • A quick way to make a big change is to cover a bare cement floor with inexpensive, spill-proof vinyl flooring.
  • Instead of dropping the ceiling to hide the pipes, paint the existing ceiling and pipes with a heat and cold resistant paint. A bright white or neutral is best.
  • Ceiling-high units next to the laundry center hold sorting baskets, poles for hanging wash and clear plastic containers for storing other household items.
  • A laminated board laid across a filing cabinet at one end and anchored to the wall unit at the other becomes an instant desk.
  • A closet accommodates a built-to-fit desk and units for the computer, printer and scanner keep equipment neat and out of the way.
  • A small acrylic pedestal table tucks neatly in a corner and is ideal for quick meals or a game of cards.
  • Keep things all at one level. Because the backs are low, woven-back chairs don’t look chunky and space-invading.
  • Leave the windows unadorned and let the sun shine in.
  • Go for a whiter shade of pale like white cabinets, walls and furniture to visually open up the space.

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