We are so sick of things. Things, things and more things. We had a conversation with a newly made friend in Munich the other day. We were only meant to be there for 1.5 weeks and he longer. We kind of brought just enough clothes so that we didn't have to do our laundry. He was doing his laundry as he said he didn't bring enough. He had only brought a small suitcase.

(We found the above picture but wow, how cool is it. Read more about it here.)

He said he doesn't have more than 14 shirts. We scratched our heads a bit and found out later that he really does not have more than 14 shirts in life. Wow, that is respect. We wish we could do that but of course that is impossible for girls.

We always believe that what one needs can easily be put into a suitcase (or 2 for girls). Right now, it seems like we have just too many. That is a lot of baggage for us. We know a lot of people are increasing their belongings but that for us is just too inconvenient. Inconvenient for what you may ask... we are not too sure too. We just do not like things, the lesser the better. Perhaps easier to run or leave a place?

As much as we love the idea of reducing our belongings, we do not enjoy the idea of throwing things away. That is why we have piles of clothes sitting somewhere, waiting for that trusty moment that they might be worn again or that they might be revamped into something else.

There are now advertisements around town, saying one could trade-in their old computers for money off their new ones. You can even bring in your faulty set. That will of course be of less value. Believe it or not, we have a faulty set lying in a drawer. Why are we keeping it? Only god knows.

This will be the day we get rid of it, perhaps exchange it for a laptop cover (yes, isn't that better than nothing). We are also going to bring some old books to the secondhand bookshop. What are you doing to reduce your belongings.

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