We have purchased a few Groupons and used them too. We can tell you they are not a scam but there are some catches. It isn't to say that the groupons do not work. They do, and many times it is stated very clearly if you have to pay extra or not, such as GST (in other countries, this is known as Goods Service Tax, or VAT) and service charge. What is getting very frustrating with the whole scheme of Groupon is that they are adding deals from really dubious sources. Shouldn't Groupon be more selective as an organisation? We have already got refunded twice.

We bought groupons to a boutique thinking it is probably time we update our wardrobe but the online shop link of theirs do not promise what you would get in the shop. The selection and variety in the shop is less than desirable, which is a complete reduced version of their online shop. There is no clearance or sales section in the shop, unlike their online shop.

So Green Poppies is the name of the shop. We bought a total of 3 groupons and went down to use one. We bought a bag but was disgusted to find that the handles cracked. It is made of PVC. We would have expected PVC to be uncracked when they sell it, but out of good will, we didn't remove the paper packaging around the handles to check. The rest of the bag looked ok. That is our fault. It wasn't until a week later when we wanted to use the bag that we removed the packaging, only to realize it is a damaged item. We bought it back but of course we couldn't get a refund. We still have credit on a receipt which we have yet to use because all the items in the shop is just made of such poor quality. We are returning to the shop every now and then to check that there is something remotely worth our outstanding credit.

We have also wrote to Groupon and they have refunded our other 2 groupons as credit into our Groupon account. That is rather unacceptable as we are not even sure if we would want to buy more Groupon deals now. It seems like it is outstanding credits with Groupons all the way.

When we bought groupons from Green Poppies, we also bought a groupon for IPL treatment. That didn't turn out good either. We have saved a copy of our correspondence with Groupon.

To Person-in-charge,

I bought a Lumiere IPL voucher some time ago and only managed to book an appointment today. What is supposed to be an hour of treatment became 10minutes.

I have to say I am most disappointed. This isn't the first time I am a patron of IPL. I have a package somewhere else for under arms. I have opted for upper lip at Lumiere. This is why I am upset about the deal.

  • It is almost impossible to get them on the phone. I was trying to call the Orchard branch for the longest time and only managed to book an appointment online! The appointment was only available one month from the date I wanted.
  • It said an hour of treatment on the site but in the end it was only 10 minutes.
  • It was not explained to me how the IPL works. I am a first time customer there. Shouldn't there be an introduction?
  • There was supposed to be 10 complimentary treatments of something else but nothing was mentioned till I asked. I didn't even get the treatment on this first visit.
  • The treatment room was dark and dingey. When the girl was going to start the treatment, she didn't even shave me. I understand that it is compulsory to shave the area before treatment so that the hair will grow out finer. She gave me an answer of yes and no. I am still not convinced. I have asked her to shave the area. But she shaved under dim conditions and of course didn't do a good job. I don't even think the shaver was safe or hygienic! It was there already! I noticed she put it back to the container after shaving and didn't dispose it. I really regretted visiting Lumiere.
  • The gel was exposed and unhygienic, the brush too.

Overall, it was a horrible experience. Please help. I have been disappointed by Groupon once and this is the second time. My groupons were refunded the other time but they were refunded as credit. I am not really sure if I want to use Groupon anymore or recommend it to friends.

Do let me know how we can work out this Lumiere voucher. It really is appalling beyond belief.


We have gotten a refund back into our credit card. But despite that, we are completely doubtful of Groupon. It seemed great in the beginning. Some friends and ourselves were experiencing new places. Some good, some bad no doubt. Nonetheless, the whole scheme of trying out new places and products through a discounted price isn't working as Groupon does not seem to filter their clients and the deals. We hope Groupon will buck up.

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