We were feeling a bit under the weather yesterday. We caught a cold and was feeling completely sluggish after work. Our daily regime is to wash our faces upon returning home after work and then to have our dinner. The cold made us feel so  lack of energy. All thanks to the erratic weather and an inconsiderate guy sitting opposite us who does not cover when he coughs and sneezes. Anyway, in short, the office is a thriving petri dish when it is monsoon season in the tropics. Not to forget the central air-conditioning makes the whole office so cold, we have been wearing 3 layers to work. Yes, it is like autumn, and even indoors during winter time.

Anyway, to cut the ranting short... we were looking for a quick perk-me-up. After washing our faces, we were looking for something cold and soothing. In a split second? We had to be crazy to wish that. But something did come into mind. We have a habit of making a pot of herbal tea and chilling it in the fridge to drink over a couple of days. Knowing how a lot of people make their own facial toner by using chilled green tea, we decided to try our chilled herbal tea as a quick facial toner fix.

Nowadays we brew our tea in a pot, not in a cup anymore. Our trusty herbalists have advised us to boil and simmer our herbs instead of seeping them in hot water. Mind you, not all herbs need to be boiled.

Anyway, we reckon since our herbal tea is made of all natural ingredient, without sugar and of course, no preservatives, why not for our faces? If we can drink it to improve our overall well-being, it is good enough for our face since all the ingredients are widely used in beauty products anyway. In case you are wondering what herbs we are talking about, it is a combination of he shou wu (aka fo-ti, aka polygonum mutiflorum), lingzhi (aka reishi), goji berry, dang gui...etc.

We poured a little of that chilled herbal concoction on a cotton ball and soothed our face with it. Perk-me-up it was. We are going to continue this regime. Food for thought for you? Try this the next time you make some herbal tea. Save a bit of it to chill for a quick perk-me-up or as a facial toner. We reckon it is good as a facial spritzer too, only be careful not to put too much in your spray bottle. Such things are good fresh. Try not to use it if it is beyond 3 days old. Always refrigerate it of course.

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