This is Day 2 for us on ACV (short for apple cider vinegar as you can see). It might be a little too soon for us to talk about any obvious results. But we did say we will review it and see if this claim on ACV actually works.

We followed the video on ACV toner and made our own. We bought a small spray bottle, probably about 50ml. This is how we made our toner:

  • We didn't fill the bottle to the max because we want to mix the ACV fresh every few days, so we filled it up to only half way.
  • We added 1:8 of ACV:water (from the tap).
  • The smell was a bit nasty and so we added a few drops of lavender oil. At this time, the smell of the ACV was still rather strong. It was completely masked by the lavender the next day though.
We like this toner very much. Not only is it organic, simple, and we MADE it ourselves. We did not put green tea in it because somehow green tea needs to be changed every few days. We have tried a green tea toner before but the tea somehow became a bit rancid after a few days, or at least it smelt rancid.

We also did not put this ACV toner in the fridge. Bragg's ACV need not be put in the fridge even after opening so we do not see the need to refridgerate this. We use this ACV toner after washing our faces and also during the day when we need to refresh. We love the idea of the spray, it make cotton pads redundant. Rather green if we may say.

We have also been drinking ACV 3 times a day. Once in the morning and once before lunch, and then either before dinner or before sleeping. We mix it in our tea and sip it cold. We are keeping a bottle of it at work where we can drink it before luncheon and one at home for the mornings and evenings and also the weekends.

We really do not mind the taste at all. It is a bit too strong to drink it neat but mixing it with some cold tea makes it rather palatable.

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