Earlier this week we received an email, a call for help. We visited Hanoi this year and got to know a couple of really wonderful youths. They are part of the HanoiKids group who brought us around the city. One of them who is applying for his scholarship has asked us for help to vet his writeup. This is it. And we think he will definitely get the scholarship. Good luck Son!

"Examination of any quality newspaper will probably demonstrate that more of the headlines address environmental problems than any other topic. As an ethical economist in the near future I am particularly interested in the sustainable development of  Viet Nam economy. The importance and relevance of economics-related environment to the modern world have led me to want to pursue SUSI scholarship as a great opportunity to widen my knowledge, sharpen my interpersonal skills and realize my potential.

Apart from being a proactive learner in my major with GPA 3.69 , I am actively involved in extra-curricular activities inside and outside of campus.

After leading my university soccer team to win the bronze medal at U-league national soccer tournament in 2010, I managed my soccer team to take part  in a voluntary project called ‘Cycling for Environment’  in which I improved my leadership skills and raise my consciousness of responsibility for the community. Additionally, I am an active member of Hanoikids, a student-based  voluntary organization hosting tours for foreign visitors. This has brought me a lot of chances to discover Viet Nam culture in comparison with diverse pieces of culture around the world. My enthusiastic involvement in many activities outside of the academic circle has served me well in nurturing my leadership and communication skills, which are essential to succeed in this scholarship.

I believe I will gain a highly marketable set of skills and knowledge from this scholarship, that can help me  pursue my dream in economic field with sustainable development of Viet Nam economy."

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