We were surfing this morning and stumbled upon the 2 quotes below. It got us thinking, and then we realized what we were doing about a year ago and how high we had risen since. 2 years ago, we took leave from work to celebrate Mr Washy's birthday. A year ago, we were in the dam sewing a Carhartt coat secretly for his birthday. We had also planned to cook an 8-course dinner.

Our fingers could not withstand the stitching. We even had to start stitching with rubber gloves because it was putting so much strain on our thumbs and indexes. Intricate embroidery stitches such as the stem stitch on a tough fabric such as this is just a bit of hell.
He started screaming at us because he was too weak to handle his wretched mother and 2 spoilt sisters. It was in no way to treat your lady who had been doing nothing but to please you. The tolerating from us lasted another few months and we then decided that we couldn't take anymore of it and left the wimpiest man, and especially his wretched family.We returned to our tropical island, took a while to get together. Which really wasn't long, we managed to get some freelance work through our dear friend in a mere 2.5 weeks, or was it 1.5 weeks? Anyway the time frame was in god's speed. We got ourselves really busy with our passion. It was finally back to doing what we love although that wretched family looked down on our profession. That only said too much about them because they are a non-gifted bunch. 
Our freelance gig boomed from there. We completed our freelance on our tropical island and was hired by an agency in Bangkok to help launch Siam Ocean World. We stayed in Bangkok for slightly more than 2 weeks. We then came back and worked remotely with a team in Malaysia to launch their national telecommunication provider. 
Afterwhich, we are engaged to launch a mobile phone and went on to Munich to make new friends and shoot the commercial. We carried on to launch more mobile phones and now we are engaged and committed to be haircare experts.
We are realizing a lot of great things. We have never felt so empowered. To be away from bullies, to be away from wretchedness, to be away from the wimpish man who does not know better, who claims that we will never find anyone better than him? It makes us giggle everytime we are reminded by what he said. Perhaps it is true, we will never find anyone who is a better wimp and coward than him.

We are feeling amazing. We are realizing our potential and we are happy. We were brave to make sacrifices and move to a new land, embrace new cultures and languages. Unfortunately, the man we moved for is not worth it at all.

We wish all fellow women out there courage and love. Especially love for ourselves. We have all been let down by people who do not deserve us, but because they do not deserve us, the more we have to rise like phoenixes from the ash and be better for the next person to come. Because we are just that much more than them.

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