So, beginning of this year, we left someone who was going to be our husband. It was a difficult time but we healed with the many awesome friends we have. What made it an even speedier recovery for us is that he turned out to be someone else. He is a wimp, he switches off when he cannot deal with the sticky situations around him. And thus he lost us.

It is true, that quote above... 'If he doesn't chase you after you walk away, keep walking." We say, actually, just run.

We have been good. Not that it didn't bother us at all, but we are less haunted by it. He made it easy for us to get over him because he isn't the man he said he is or portrays to everyone else. He is not his own man, he lives in the shadows of a very manipulative mother, 2 very selfish sisters and a father who switches off to the whole wretchedness.

So we left and we worked very hard and channeled our energy in what would benefit us later. We just worked our ass off, earned as much as we could in this time of economic crisis. It is all about ourselves. We were sick of doing things for others. Sick of cleaning and cooking and making sure he is living well and so could concentrate on his work. Sick of being belittled. If someone who claimed he loves you belittles you, just run.

We were using today to rest and relax. A quiet xmas for us. Not until an email came all the way from Amsterdam to 'wish' us "Merry xmas, best wishes. Hope you are happy."

We are not going to reply. It is not us to do that. There is no remedy. He has ruined what could be a wonderful union, a powerful unit and an eventful life ahead. Replying would mean opening another can of worms. We do not even know what that email meant. Was it sarcasm? Guilt? We do not know, not that it matters anymore.

It did stir up a little turmoil in us. The experience is still vivid and we do not understand how someone who claimed to love us could turn on us and not stand by righteousness. We still want to know why but there is really no point anymore. We know the reason, just that it isn't the answer we want. The answer is simply he isn't the one, he is the wimp, the opposite of us.

We are glad that we have this blog. At least our grief is read by some of you out there. It makes us feel less alone. This is a good wrap to the year. We are totally looking forward to next year to do some epic stuff. Our lives are too short to waste on people who stifle us and think they are the bee's knees.

Here is a toast to all of you who were ever let down by someone you love. Keep calm and find yourself a Mr Darcy.

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