We just replenished our herb supply today and we thought we will write about it since we have not posted for a while.

In Asia, there is such a thing as a confinement regime. We have no kids of our own but a friend recently told us about her confinement experience. She has 2 kids. She didn't go through a confinement regime after she had her first kid. She then decided to commit to a confinement regime with the whole herbal package from her local TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) shop after her second kid. She had a speedier recovery and she said she was back to her original tip-top shape in a mere couple of months. She swears by TCM now.

We are not too familiar with the kinds of herbs used for confinement but we know that red dates and wolfberries are a staple. It would require you to drink the infusion of red dates, wolfberries and dried longan. 

We decided to start our own regime of red dates and wolfberries infusion. We usually have our chai or rose tea during work but we thought that an infusion of red dates and wolfberries would be more beneficial.

Wolfberry helps to remove the heatiness in our liver and thus improves eye sight in the point of view of TCM.

It is because it is rich in carotene, vit. A, vit. B2, vit. C, calcium, iron...etc. They are the must have nutrients for our eyes.

Many people like to soak wolfberry with water, or with wine or braised soup. TCM think that wolfberry can improve our health, strengthen bones and muscles and help us to withstand extreme weather condition. It can also improve the ability of skin to absorb nutrients and play an important of whitening our skins.

Wolfberry may not be suitable for everyone as its ability of warming is very strong. People who are having a fever, inflammation or diarrhea should avoid wolfberry. People who are weak or with poor immune system are suitable to eat wolfberry. 

One will only see the effects of wolfberry after a substantial period of consumption.

It is appropriate to have 20-30g of wolfberries for adults. 

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