We are missing our apple cider vinegar. We ran out of our ACV and haven't found the opportunity to replenish it. We might do tomorrow with a bit of power walking, if it doesn't rain cats and dogs. 

Our sister was in town and we were discussing what to take for good health. She is a health freak and she would eat steamed vegetables with minimal dressing, salmon and all that. We told her we have been drinking our herbal tea religiously and we have been feeling a difference. 

We then started to talk about people who live healthier to a ripe age. We would think the Chinese and the Japanese especially. One might argue that the Japanese consume a lot of fishes but that might not be entirely true. As fish is expensive there, a lot of them really just consume very simply foods such as their soup noodles or vinegar'd rice balls. 

We buoyed it down to vinegar. Vinegar'd rice is a staple for them. It made us feel awesome because we have also started consuming ACV on a regular basis only that this is a pause for us. It is definitely something more available and cheaper for us than that omega-rich salmon.

We then found this website with loads of wonderful facts on vinegar.

As soon as you take vinegar (or citric acid, as a powder), it starts to eliminate fatigue.  You can notice this in only two hours.

You can confirm this.  If you look at your urine two hours after you take vinegar, and you will find it to be more clear.  Or, if you are unwilling to look at it closely, examine it with a piece of pH test paper (litmus paper).  Before you take vinegar, the pH test paper will show that your urine is acidic, due to fatigue-creating substances in your body.  Two hours after you take vinegar, the test paper will show more alkaline.  These results mean that the previous fatigue substances were decreased or removed by taking the vinegar.

The liver dissolves the poisonous matters which were made in our body, so we must always keep it working well.  Meat, fish, eggs, coconut oil, greens, and other nourishing foods as well as vinegar act like medicines for the liver.

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