Half of the year is almost gone and we are wondering what we have done from our resolution list. We do not have our list in front of us but lets see how much of these we have stuck to.
  1. To eat healthier. To bring lunchboxes to work sometimes. We have not had too much time nor luck to make our own lunchboxes. Though, we have been including a lot more greens in our diet which is a good thing. That is why we wanted to bring lunchboxes to begin with.
  2. To drink less, alcohol that is. This has been happening. 
  3. To be smart at work, working smart will aid efficiency, equals more ME-time. We are trying to learn different skill sets at work and to be more assertive and taking on a more efficient leadership role within the team.
  4. To do our power walks more regularly and have a regular stretching regime for our stiff neck and shoulders. We have been including as much walking in our daily schedules. stretching is still not fulfilled yet.
  5. To not let stupid people waste our time. We are becoming good at this.
  6. To not splurge on ridiculous things. We love our food and splurging on food is still happening but within good reasons. We are now spending on trips.
  7. To learn how to save our money for our home to come. Saving as much as we possibly can. Though not to the extent of being mean to ourselves.
  8. To clear our room and wardrobe and get rid of things that we do not need. But how? Revamp them perhaps? This is happening so slowly. At least we have not been shopping.
  9. To eat more fruits and vegetables. This is happening.
  10. To be religious with our cleaning at home and at work, more cleaning, less dust, better breathing. Yup.
  11. To be belonging lean. We have things we do not need. Why so? One person do not need that many things. No hoarding. Have a minimalistic substantial life. We have not been shopping and been using the things we already own, so that is fulfilling.
  12. To be true to ourselves and not accommodate BS. Yes!
  13. To learn to be decisive and a better leader. Yes!
  14. To focus in meetings and speak sharply. Yes!
  15. To dress better. Whatever happened to our dress sense. We are so not bothered these days. We are still as bad and lazy in this aspect. We have to buck up.
  16. To start a new hobby this year though we do not know what yet. We have start cooking again. Learning more and more new things at cooking. We w
  17. To love our blog and have a direction for it. We have been neglecting our blog somewhat due to work. We would like to document more of our lifestyle, food and travels.
  18. To love the people around us who have stood by us and have compassion. Yes!
  19. To travel and make good use of our off days. Yes! Indeed!
  20. To be awesome at what we do for a living. This is only the beginning and why not. Yes! We are on our way. Slowly but surely.
Looks like we need to set new resolutions. Have you fulfilled any of our new year resolutions? Or least in the midst of fulfilling them?

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