We recently collected some butterfly pea pods from our work trip to Bangkok. We have always love the purple flowers and it is a wonderfully beautiful creeping plant we remember from our childhood. We stumbled upon a blog which talked about it and we are only too excited to learn we can eat the soft pods too.


Locally we call it Bunga Talang/Telang. Otherwise its called butterfly pea or blue pea vine (Clitoria ternatea). Mine was given by a blogger friend and was grown in a flower bed near a chain fence for easy climbing. Its such an unassuming little plants until they bloom with the violet/blue flowers. Usually the flower petals are single with white or yellow markings in the centre but mine is a doubled-layered.

though I wish I could have the white flower variety which is seldom seen or maybe the soil composition that produces the white flowers instead of blue?

very petite vines with small but showy blooms, self-seeded but will grow lanky, so have to trim the vines to make them bushy

I just noticed that my butterfly peas (bunga talang) plant has lots of small flat pod fruits on it.

So this morning, I picked all the bigger peas - maybe will cook them in a stir-fry mixed veggie? Usually they are grown for their blue flowers to make dye or food colouring but havent heard of eating those peas but I guess they must be edible since their flowers are edible too. You can dry the flowers and make blue tea just like the Thais with added sugar or honey or make blue jelly or blue ice-cream! The Thais grow the butterfly pea flowers commercially. But more familiar locally are the blue rice (nasi kerabu).

The lovely flowers are a food source which attract butterflies, thats why they are called butterfly peas

Their peas reminded me of the sweet peas I usually bought in packets at the supermarket though sweet peas are broader

The seed pods dried on the plant and kept for future planting - I dont have to worry about running out of seeds because Ive seen a few new seedlings already sprouting nearby the parent plant, since they are also self-seeded


Bh said...

Do I use put these dried seeds into soil directly or I need to soak them in water for a few days?

Fidgety Fingers said...

tried both ways, they work.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Been searching for the double petaled variety for ages! Wondering if you'll have seeds to spare for sale or something?


Fidgety Fingers said...

Ours is actually the single petal variety. You can still PM us if you want it.

Thanis Lim said...

Hello from a food blogger in Brunei

I've been searching for these seeds for some time and finally found your blog.

I would be very interested to grab these seeds for planting in my garden! Is it possible for you to mail a small packet to Brunei?

Do let me know

Thank you for your time
Thanis Lim

Stefan Dorn said...

You can buy the actual flowers (not seeds) for tea brewing on

The Fascinated Traveller said...

Hi, I am looking for blue pea seeds. Kindly advise where i can buy the seeds? I am hoping to grow the flowers for nonya food.

Notice said...

Hello, I am selling fresh blue pea flower seeds at 8 seeds for S$4! I ship internationally as well. I love to spread flora around the world for everyone to enjoy :)

Email me at
to place your order, then expect to hear from me!

Anonymous said...

I have been trying to find these in Canada. Are you selling any?

Fidgety Studio said...

Hi, I have some regular seeds. Do let us know if you are still interested. Email us at fidgetystudio (at) gmail (dot) com

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